5 Facts about Russian Vodka That You Should know

Vodka (from the Slavic word ‘voda‘ meaning ‘water’) is a type of highly alcoholic drink made of fermented grains or potatoes, sometimes mixed with artificial flavoring. Depending on the origin, the alcohol (ethanol) percentage of a vodka is usually 40 – 60% of its total, but the classical Russian vodka usually contains 38%, rounded to […]

5 Etiquette in Russia That You Need to Know

Etiquette differ from country to country in the world, and as the largest country encompassing around 1/8 of Earth’s land, Russia certainly has its own set of etiquette. Due to its size, Russia was able to incorporate both Eastern and Western values to its society. This may confuse tourists, immigrants, and visitors, as at first […]

Bear as Cultural Symbol in Russia

Bears are one of the symbols of Russian culture, appearing in jokes, folktales, stories, comics, and even as an Olympic mascot back in 1980. It was considered as a candidate for the official Russian symbol after the dissolution of the USSR, but in the end, the parliament opted to use the double-headed eagle from the […]

Fashion Trends of Russian Men

The fashion trends of Russian men, for most occasions, prefers simple and athletic attire that serves practical reasons over the more stylish clothes. However, this stereotype is gradually changing as the influence of globalization made its way into Russia, and creates diversity even within one city. For men, the attitude for fashion items varies, from […]

Fashion Trends of Russian Women

Fashion of Russian Women has several key differences compared to the rest of the world due to the external influences. It is a fact that culture is affected by the place people lives in, and different living space can mean wildly different cultures, assuming the two cultures never interact and assimilate parts of the other’s […]

Christmas Traditions in Russia (Celebration and Customs)

The amount of Russian Orthodox Christian believers and the sheer size of the country allow a lot of integration between local cultures and Christmas. As a result, Christmas became one of the most important holiday boasting a huge amount of symbolisms from other cultures, older cultures, and traditional local cultures. Russia celebrates Christmas on January […]

The History of Christmas in Russia

Christmas, also known as midwinter in some cultures, is an annual celebration most commonly celebrated in December 25th according to the Gregorian calendar, a day Christians remember Jesus’ sacrifice. As a public holiday in almost all states across the world, it is celebrated by many, by Christians as a sacred day and by non-Christians as […]

International Woman’s Day in Russia

One of the few holidays that can be celebrated during the reign of Soviet Russia is the International Woman’s Day, at that time known as the Russian St. Valentine’s Day. Russian celebration of International Woman’s Day sets itself apart from the rest of the world by combining the festive Valentine mood and the simple Mother’s […]

The History and Benefits of Russian Banya

Banya, meaning sauna or steam bath, is one of the oldest tradition in Russia, dating back to several centuries. Banya is not only a place for relaxation, but it is also believed that the warm atmosphere of the banya brings people closer together, which is why it is a common destination for a group of […]

The History and Tradition of Russian Samovar

Samovar, a combination of the word “sam“, meaning self, and “varit“, meaning “to boil”, is a traditional Russian teapot. Although originally intended as a tool to boil water for tea, its usage has evolved through time, and it became a symbol of tribute to the ancestors and a sign of hospitality. Usually, samovar is made […]