Russian People Fashion Style Along the Winter Season

Fashion is a part of every body’s life. Every year we witness how fast fashion changes. It can be as simple as the most trending color of the year, the most famous make-up style up to the most fashionable clothing of the year. Fashion can be determined based on the weather or season too. During […]

4 Russian Shawl For Warm And Beautiful Look In Winter

Russian shawl is one of a kind souvenir that tourists won’t miss when they come to Russia. But Russian shawls are more than mere souvenir. The use of shawl is deeply entrenched within Russian tradition. Many women in Russia choose shawl as their most favorite accessory, for the simple reason that it offers both comfort […]

5 Differences Living in Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Must Know!!)

If you had an experience travelling to or living in Russia, you might have traveled to two of the most attractive tourist destinations, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you haven’t, you may want to go there when you get a chance. In addition to becoming popular tourist destinations, both Moscow and St. Petersburg are Russia’s […]

Fashion Trends of Russian Women

Fashion of Russian Women has several key differences compared to the rest of the world due to the external influences. It is a fact that culture is affected by the place people lives in, and different living space can mean wildly different cultures, assuming the two cultures never interact and assimilate parts of the other’s […]