How to Celebrate Russia’s International Women’s Day

It’s a holiday! Let’s celebrate! International Women’s Day in Russia is a national holiday recognized by the state. National day when spring arrives. As a holiday, how do Russians celebrate their International Women’s Day? Russia calls International Women’s Day “The 8th of March”. People there call it that way because the celebration of International Women’s […]

Best Gifts During International Women’s Day in Russia

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “gift”? Good items and you really want it. Everyone will definitely be happy when they receive a gift from someone they care about. When there is a big celebration and has a special meaning, it will certainly be used to give a gift to someone […]

Story About Russia’s International Women’s Day

You must be familiar with International Women’s Day, right? Or maybe there are also such celebrations in your country? There must be some background behind the International Women’s Day all over the world. Whether it’s in the form of a different atmosphere of celebration, giving a holiday when celebrating, or maybe about the events that […]

International Woman’s Day in Russia

One of the few holidays that can be celebrated during the reign of Soviet Russia is the International Woman’s Day, at that time known as the Russian St. Valentine’s Day. Russian celebration of International Woman’s Day sets itself apart from the rest of the world by combining the festive Valentine mood and the simple Mother’s […]