Does Potato Baby Contained Potato Vodka?

Vodka is one type of alcoholic beverages that have their own fans. Many people who choose vodka for their dinner or perhaps when holding a party. There are several ways or things done when they are enjoying their choice of vodka. As we know, there are many types of vodka in the world. Some countries […]

What Does Potato Vodka Mean?

There are many things we can associate with Russia. The people are known for their serious facial expression and very low interest in chit-chat. Russia is also famous for its popular poets and writers that contribute many great works for the world of literature. Besides that, people also know Russians for their love of vodka. […]

Philosophy of Vodka according to Russian Culture

Philosophy of Vodka according to Russian culture – It was once said by the incomparable Dostoevsky that, “Every single genuine Russian are scholars.” While philosophy, and exchanges about it, has a spot in many societies and nations, its place in Russia, both during Soviet occasions and now, cannot be downplayed – particularly while talking with […]

Warm Up Your Body With White Russian Drink

Surviving harsh winter days is not a trivial matter. Similarly, you would find it difficult to be cozy when you hike up a tall mountain top and find that a lot of things over there are frozen already. In these cases, a drink that can warm up your body will be much appreciated. The drink […]

The Story behind Mule, a Kind of Russian Drink, That You Need To Know

If people are asked to make a list of words connected to Russia, vodka would most likely appear on it. The liquor has become the nation’s pride and identity that some studies show a typical Russian man can drink up to 180 bottles of Vodka in year. It shows how much they love the spirit. […]

10 Most Popular Traditional Russian Drinks

Russia is unique for their collection of original beverages. For many centuries, Russian has been creative with their drinks. Far before there were tea and coffee, Russian had long invented the likes of Kvas, Medovukha, and not to forget, the famous Vodka. Russian beverages are unique, many are hardly found in any other part of […]

5 Facts about Russian Vodka That You Should know

Vodka (from the Slavic word ‘voda‘ meaning ‘water’) is a type of highly alcoholic drink made of fermented grains or potatoes, sometimes mixed with artificial flavoring. Depending on the origin, the alcohol (ethanol) percentage of a vodka is usually 40 – 60% of its total, but the classical Russian vodka usually contains 38%, rounded to […]