Russians and Vodka, What A Combination: Why They Love Drinking Vodka?

There are a few things that remind people of Russia, and vodka is one of them. Not only because this alcoholic drink is originally from the country, but also because the people have taken it daily that it literally runs in their blood. The history of vodka in Russia is quite unique; since it was […]

9 Reasons Why Vodka is Always Part of Russian Drink Recipes

Russia is not really Russia without Vodka. The spirit has become one of the country’s true identities. Russians would rather skip their meals than not drinking vodka. Russia ranks fourth in alcohol consumption worldwide, currently. And guess what spirit the people drink the most? That’s right: vodka! If you ask the modern Russian men why […]

5 Facts about Russian Vodka That You Should know

Vodka (from the Slavic word ‘voda‘ meaning ‘water’) is a type of highly alcoholic drink made of fermented grains or potatoes, sometimes mixed with artificial flavoring. Depending on the origin, the alcohol (ethanol) percentage of a vodka is usually 40 – 60% of its total, but the classical Russian vodka usually contains 38%, rounded to […]