6 Popular Christmas Gifts In Russia For Children

Christmas is a big day that must be welcomed by all Christians throughout the world. Christmas must be celebrated with various activities such as gathering with family, decorating Christmas trees, and exchanging gifts. All ages will exchange gifts with the people they care about. As an expression of love and happiness on Christmas day. Every […]

How Soviet Russia Celebrate Christmas? Here Are The Answers

As we know, Russia has a very long history. The greatest country in the world has felt many ruling regimes. Starting from the Russian empire, the Soviet Union became Russia now. Each regime certainly has different regulations in regulating the lives of its people. These rules certainly affect many aspects of life in Russia. starting […]

Christmas Traditions in Russia (Celebration and Customs)

The amount of Russian Orthodox Christian believers and the sheer size of the country allow a lot of integration between local cultures and Christmas. As a result, Christmas became one of the most important holiday boasting a huge amount of symbolisms from other cultures, older cultures, and traditional local cultures. Russia celebrates Christmas on January […]