Discover 4 Things To Do In Krasnaya Polyana During The Holiday

Krasnaya Polyana is a city in Sochi which is known as an urban-type settlement. This city is categorized into the resort settlements type, which means the area is focusing on resorts and health facilities development and populated by at least 2,000 people. Nationally, this place is very famous for its ski resort. Yes, it is […]

8 Bizarre Russian Food that They Eat on Special Occasions

People around the world have their own unique ways to celebrate special occasions. Gatherings and recreations are the main goals of such events. But, every celebration will not be complete if there are no feasts, because feasts are the heart of every celebration. It brings people together, relatives and strangers alike. In Russia, people celebrate […]

6 Best Hostels in St.Petersburg, Russia (Excellent Reviews)

Planning on staying in St. Petersburg? This major transport hub city is the second largest city in Russia. Since it’s a major trade gateway, it is also the centre of financial and industrial in Russia. Enough of various reasons why you should visit St. Petersburg. Mainly, people come here for business or trading matters, but […]

7 Things Worth To Do in Curonian Spit, Russia

Holidays are activities that must be carried out by every human being at least twice a year. Holidays are very good for reducing stress due to busy life and daily routine. In every corner of the world it must have a unique vacation spot for those interested. Like mountains, beaches, zoos, libraries, malls, or historic […]

12 Perfect Holiday Places During Summer In Russia

With an area of ​​17 million square km, the natural conditions and weather in all parts of Russia have never been the same at one time. The northern region is directly adjacent to the North Pole, while in the south the average is subtropical. Most regions experience long winters. But some actually record extreme temperatures […]

Warmest Places In Russia That Perfect For Holiday

Cold, maybe that’s a synonym for Russia in your mind. But apparently, there are several cities in Russia that are as hot as cities in Indonesia. They even rarely see snow in winter. Here are Warmest Places In Russia That Perfect For Holiday : 1. Sochi Sochi is a small town on the Black Sea coast. […]

Facts of Sochi, The Hottest Place In Russia

Sochi is one of the cities which is the most popular tourist destination in Russia. In this place there is a backdrop of snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast. Stretching along 147 km, Sochi Raya is the second longest city in the world. Sochi was hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics and […]

Activities That Russian Children Do During Holiday

Holidays are a highly anticipated matter for most children around the world, including Russia. Just like other countries, Russia has several days off in a year. Starting from the state day such as the day of victory in Russia, labor day in Russia, to religious holidays. Russia also has a summer holiday so that all […]

Here Are Female Travel Packing For Summer Holiday in Russia

Everyone must have a favorite time to travel. However, summer is the peak of travel in various parts of the world, especially in East Asian and European countries. The reason is because of the ease of access to transportation which is usually disrupted during the winter. In addition, longer daytime means longer playing time too. […]

10 Fun Tips To Do Traveling With Your Russian Spouse

Traveling has become a lifestyle of today. Not necessarily to the same destination and not necessarily traveling with the same people. Most people go traveling with friends, relatives, or even sometimes with people newly known to fellow open trip groups. See also Best Places for Muslim Traveler in Moscow Well, one more that must be […]