Why Is Moskva Cake A Symbol Of Moscow City

Who does not love cake? This dessert has various kinds of flavor. You can easily find chocolate cakes in many cake or coffee shops where you can enjoy your favorite drinks with sweetness from chocolate cakes. If you prefer to eat the cheese one, you can order some cheesecakes, which is best to serve when […]

8 Things You Need to Know About Russian Bear

It is been known to every people around the world that the brown bear is the symbol of Russia. In modern Russia, brown bears are used in logos, cartoons, dramatic play characters and so on. In a Russian perspective, bears are cunning, strong, yet caring animals. These traits are commonly shared in the majority of Russian […]

11 Trams That Became Symbols in Russia

The Russian trams are a great way to travel across the vast Russian Geography. Moreover, It has extensive networks with more than 71 stations in each city with about 100 tracks. Therefore, If you travel in a budget use the trams. Russian trams serve the best taste of Russian daily life. It is a great way […]

Get to Know 5 Valentine’s Symbol in Russia

Believe it or not, Russia, the country of prevailing culture and tradition, celebrates Valentine’s day much like the rest of the world. You know that Russian people take extreme pride in their history and honors it by conserving tradition. For example, check out how Russians implement the Traditions and Customs Of Russian Easter and preserve the Wedding […]

Symbols and Tradition of New Year in Russia

Most Russians celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and close friends. New year’s celebration in Russia comes from the celebration of Christmas. Big holiday in Russia is Christmas before Communist Party have banned the religious festivities. Russians celebrate the New Year as much as possible as Christmas, but exclude the religious aspect. Its  compensation because […]

Bear as Cultural Symbol in Russia

Bears are one of the symbols of Russian culture, appearing in jokes, folktales, stories, comics, and even as an Olympic mascot back in 1980. It was considered as a candidate for the official Russian symbol after the dissolution of the USSR, but in the end, the parliament opted to use the double-headed eagle from the […]