Russian People Fashion Style Along the Winter Season

Fashion is a part of every body’s life. Every year we witness how fast fashion changes. It can be as simple as the most trending color of the year, the most famous make-up style up to the most fashionable clothing of the year. Fashion can be determined based on the weather or season too. During […]

3 Charming Appearance of Russian boys

Each men has their own charms and positive points, including Russians. Russian men has their own kind of charms that can’t be resisted. In regards to other articles with similar topics such as Effective Steps How To Date a Russian Man and Main Reasons to Date A Russian Man, this article will tell you the charming appearance of […]

Fashion Trends of Russian Men

The fashion trends of Russian men, for most occasions, prefers simple and athletic attire that serves practical reasons over the more stylish clothes. However, this stereotype is gradually changing as the influence of globalization made its way into Russia, and creates diversity even within one city. For men, the attitude for fashion items varies, from […]