7 Surprising Facts About Ded Moroz, The Soviet Santa Claus

Ded Moroz which mean Grand Father Frost or Father Frost in English is known as Russian’s Santa Claus. Which actually appear so difference with a common Santa Clause we always see. Just like many countries In the world with their own version of Santa Claus. Russia and many other Slavic countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, […]

How Soviet Russia Celebrate Christmas? Here Are The Answers

As we know, Russia has a very long history. The greatest country in the world has felt many ruling regimes. Starting from the Russian empire, the Soviet Union became Russia now. Each regime certainly has different regulations in regulating the lives of its people. These rules certainly affect many aspects of life in Russia. starting […]

The History of Christmas in Russia

Christmas, also known as midwinter in some cultures, is an annual celebration most commonly celebrated in December 25th according to the Gregorian calendar, a day Christians remember Jesus’ sacrifice. As a public holiday in almost all states across the world, it is celebrated by many, by Christians as a sacred day and by non-Christians as […]