Get to Know the History of Russian Icons

Icon (Greek for ‘image’) are a work of art with religious influence, most commonly in the form of painting and with Orthodox Christianism influences. The most common subject for this art is the Virgin Mary, Christ, and Angels, with the painting done on various surfaces such as wood, metal, walls, stone, paper, or even glass […]

The History of Russian Ballet That Will Amaze You!

In Russia, Ballet carries the feel of its original Italian origin, yet still feels distinctly Russian. This art of rigid, storytelling dance has evolved into a highly appreciated form of art alongside theatre and circus, and it blends classicism and folk dancing into a beautiful assimilation that retains the beauty of both its original ‘parents’. […]

History of The Russian Circus

Russia’s performance arts are highly regarded throughout history, and not even an art associated with silliness change that. In spite of the stereotypical knowledge of circuses as a place consisting of huge comical red tent and people wearing strange costumes, circus is taken really seriously. Jokes are even made, saying even if there are clowns […]

4 Interesting Facts of Russian Meal Time Etiquette

Even with the influence of global culture entering almost any country, including Russia, the Russian dining culture stays relatively intact from the influence, with a select few instances of adopting Western dining etiquette. Due to this, it is possible for visitors to be confused or overwhelmed during their trip as sometimes the rules may seem […]

5 Interesting Facts About Russians’ Love For Vodka

The connection between Russia and vodka is almost negatively stereotypical, with many people thinking of the clear alcoholic drink the moment Russia crosses their minds. However, there are reasons why this stereotype persists, some can be seen in the article Facts about Vodka  For foreigners, the love for alcohol in Russia can be shocking. We are […]

History of The Famous Russian Theatre

Theatres bring the stories from paper to life, allowing the expression of self in a way that entertains people and conveys a message. This art is practiced throughout the world, each affected by the country’s own culture, and Russia is no exception. In Russia the St. Petersburg and Moscow are known as cultural centres, partially […]

5 Facts about Russian Vodka That You Should know

Vodka (from the Slavic word ‘voda‘ meaning ‘water’) is a type of highly alcoholic drink made of fermented grains or potatoes, sometimes mixed with artificial flavoring. Depending on the origin, the alcohol (ethanol) percentage of a vodka is usually 40 – 60% of its total, but the classical Russian vodka usually contains 38%, rounded to […]

5 Etiquette in Russia That You Need to Know

Etiquette differ from country to country in the world, and as the largest country encompassing around 1/8 of Earth’s land, Russia certainly has its own set of etiquette. Due to its size, Russia was able to incorporate both Eastern and Western values to its society. This may confuse tourists, immigrants, and visitors, as at first […]

Bear as Cultural Symbol in Russia

Bears are one of the symbols of Russian culture, appearing in jokes, folktales, stories, comics, and even as an Olympic mascot back in 1980. It was considered as a candidate for the official Russian symbol after the dissolution of the USSR, but in the end, the parliament opted to use the double-headed eagle from the […]

Baba Yaga – The Russian Folktale Witch

Baba Yaga is a Russian folktale character closely associated with the boogeyman, or the forest witch in Western myths. Baba Yaga sometimes appears as one person, and other times triplets bearing similar names, appearance, and personality, with different roles ranging from a fairy tale donor (a character who gives tasks to the hero) to an […]