Russian Etiquette Lesson: How to Be Properly Social

There are many ways we can do to get to know a country. One of them is to recognize the etiquette that applies in that country. You do it to be able to socialize well as long as you are in that country. Similarly, when you visit Russia. When you visit Russia, of course you […]

12 Rules to Arrange a Flower Bouquet in Russia

To some cultures, flowers could bring a lot of meanings as each of them symbolizes something. When arranged together aesthetically, a collection of flowers is called a bouquet. It is usually used as a decoration in houses, offices, hotels, or to be carried. This flower arrangement is also considered a proper gift to be given […]

What Makes Skincare and Make Up Become Such Forbidden Gifts by Russian?

In many countries across the world, skincare and make up have become natural parts of modern gifting culture. It is considered normal to present skincare packages, make up palettes, or separate cosmetic items for birthdays, Christmas, and other festive occasions between friends, colleagues, and relatives. However, if you are trying to gift such cosmetic products […]

Pick Up All About Russian Etiquette and Customs to Make A Better Life There

Let’s get to know more about Russia! A country certainly has etiquette and customs that are still applied from the past until now. When there are tourists who come to a country, they must respect the etiquette and customs of the country so that they do not cause problems while in the country. This etiquette […]

6 Reasons You Need to Take Off Shoes at Home in Russia

In many parts of the world, it is an understood social custom to take off shoes before entering your own home or any other person’s residence. Many cultures participate in the tradition of taking off shoes upon entering a home or religious place such as mosque, church, and synagogue. Mainly Asian cultures, most notably Japanese […]

11 Improper Things to Never Show to Russian Friends

What makes interacting with people from different country tricky? The truth is we’re all human, we have the same anatomy and physiology, yet it’s a bit hard sometimes to interact smoothly with foreigners. Did you know, there’s a simple key that can answer it all? It is the culture differences that has become a huge […]

9 Important Things to Know of How to Make Friends with Russian

Russian is a huge country with specific culture that’s spead among Russians, be it in he Russian meal time etiquette, etiquette of dating Russian women, anything. In Russian Student-Friendly Cities, it’s not so hard to make friends. However, if you’re interested in making friends with Russian, then don’t hesitate. Russians are very sociable, they would also make […]

5 Things Russians Do That Americans will find “weird”

Each culture has it’s own uniqueness and differences. That’s why, it won’t be surprising if some things that seem normal to one culture might seem odd to another. The most common one would be wearing shoes inside one’s home. In certain cultures, this might seem like an offensive thing to do while in other places, […]

The Russian Meal Time Etiquette

Russian have unique culture. Sometimes, their culture can’t explaining easily. From daily activities, fashion, until meal time, Russian culture so amazingly unique. Russian etiquette is unique as always since 19th century. Although, every country has their unique etiquette. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, russian meal time etiquette was art. All is meaningful, even […]

4 Interesting Facts of Russian Meal Time Etiquette

Even with the influence of global culture entering almost any country, including Russia, the Russian dining culture stays relatively intact from the influence, with a select few instances of adopting Western dining etiquette. Due to this, it is possible for visitors to be confused or overwhelmed during their trip as sometimes the rules may seem […]