Heat Your Body by Visiting the Best Banya Russia in Moscow

Do you like going to the sauna? Sauna is often a choice for someone to relax. Saunas become places that are also often visited during the season or the air in an area gets cold. It became one of the ways to stay warm. There are several countries in the world that have saunas with […]

7 Things You Should Not Do When You Are in Banya Russia

For those of you who are planning to travel to Russia, it’s a good idea to include Banya among your itinerary. Banya, the Russian version of sauna, is the steam bath where many people in Russia love to go. It’s a way to relax your body, detoxifies your body out of illness and toxins, and […]

The History and Benefits of Russian Banya

Banya, meaning sauna or steam bath, is one of the oldest tradition in Russia, dating back to several centuries. Banya is not only a place for relaxation, but it is also believed that the warm atmosphere of the banya brings people closer together, which is why it is a common destination for a group of […]