Don’t Be Careless! Keep On Your Mind About These Flower Etiquette Before Give It

Flowers are not only beautiful but also symbolic. There are more than words that giving flower represents to help people when having a hard time expressing their feelings. Yet, it is a different meaning when you are in Russia. There is a thing or two about “Flower Gifting Etiquette In Russia” that people must know. […]

Pick Up All About Russian Etiquette and Customs to Make A Better Life There

Let’s get to know more about Russia! A country certainly has etiquette and customs that are still applied from the past until now. When there are tourists who come to a country, they must respect the etiquette and customs of the country so that they do not cause problems while in the country. This etiquette […]

4 etiquette to get acquainted with Russian people

Russians are very sincere and straightforward in their feelings. They do not smile at strangers for the sake of being polite. They believe that smiles should be genuine. That’s why you won’t see them walking down the street, smiling from side to side. These smiles are only shared with their friends and families. But on […]

5 etiquette of dating Russian women

Russian women are different from the American women we’ve known and seen in movies. In this competitive modern world, most women are focusing on their career and having a professional job, rather than having the traditional mindset of staying at home, be a traditional housewife, etc. Even in modern times, Russian women are raised to […]

4 etiquette of dating Russian men that you must know

After realizing the charms of Russian men (if you haven’t, read up Charming Appearance of Russian Boys), perhaps a relationship has formed between the two of you and you don’t know how to start. Relationship rules are affected by how someone is raised culturally and can differ from one to another. Those raised in Asian countries […]

Russian handshake etiquette that important to know

Whether it’s formal or informal situations, you can find the act of handshake being performed everywhere in the world. For decades, centuries even, handshakes has been practiced to show mutual respect towards both parties. Handshakes can be used as a greeting or to finalize an agreement. How you shake someone’s hands can tell a lot […]

5 Etiquette in Russia That You Need to Know

Etiquette differ from country to country in the world, and as the largest country encompassing around 1/8 of Earth’s land, Russia certainly has its own set of etiquette. Due to its size, Russia was able to incorporate both Eastern and Western values to its society. This may confuse tourists, immigrants, and visitors, as at first […]