The Philosophy of Onion Festival in Ivanovo

These days gastronomic has managed to get people getting to know better the food in their plate. Not only how to decorate your meal and indulge your appetite but also look back into the culture behind it. Generally, people would not expect Russia would be so diverse and rich. The natural beauty, cultural heritage and […]

5 Amazing Arts Festival in Russia During Summer

How is summer in Russia? Russia is known as one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. For this reason, summer in Russia is the most anticipated season for most Russians, even tourists. In the summer, most people can do their summer activities in Russia. For example, visiting the […]

14 Summer Festival In Russia That You Can’t Missed

Russia is a country that has a very large area. Because it is located adjacent to the North Pole, Russia has cold weather. Some regions of Russia experience winter almost every year. However, that does not mean the Russians cannot enjoy the summer. Summer is the season that the Russians are waiting for. The Russians […]

5 Cities in Russia That Has Lots of Festivals

When someone talks about Russia, the one thing they relate to is cold. Although this fact true because of their geographical climate which had longer winter, but it also has longer summer. Spring and autumn are short but unique. Russian autumn is cool with the amazing natural scenery. Spring is lively and warm. Most of all, […]