What To Wear In Russia For Daily Style

Russian daily styleRussia is indeed charming. Starting from natural wonders in Russia, artistic buildings in St. Petersburg, and even unique cultures in Russia. Besides that, the Russians turned out to have interesting fashion. Actually, every country must have a unique fashion that is often used by residents.

However, fashion in one country turns out to affect other countries as well. Because of that, the style of dress is easily imitated. Do you want to imitate the style of dress for Russians? These are What To Wear In Russia For Daily Style :

1. T-shirt

These are the most common everyday clothes in the world, including Russia. Maybe Russian men wear t-shirts more often than Russian women. But these clothes also include everyday clothes that are common in this country. T-shirts consist of various styles. If you want to look a little sexy, Russian women use t-shirts with loose collars. This is usually used during summer in Russia. T-shirts are one of the clothes recommended during summer in Russia. To look more stylish, Russian women usually choose t-shirts with a feminine style. For example, feminine t-shirts like red or purple. Or t-shirts with beautiful flowers and beads.

2. Jeans

Jeans may be a solution for various types of fashion and suitable for all seasons. In the summer, jeans can be combined with short shirts. Whereas Russians use coats that are combined with jeans. Variations in jeans make the Russian style of clothing look stylish. For example jeans with a cut bray model that is trending or jeans with a pencil model that has become a trend for several years. Because of that, jeans are the most commonly used clothing for daily activities in Russia.

3. Jacket

Russia is a cold country. Even the coldest cities in the world, are in Russia. The coldest region in the world is Oymyakon, located in northern Russia. Because of the cold weather, Russians generally wear jackets, even during the summer. To get around fashion to keep it stylish, Russians choose various types of jacket models for their daily lives. Summer and winter jackets are different types. For winter, the jacket used is a jacket with thicker material. As for summer, Russians wear jackets that are not too thick.

4. Coat

Because Russia is a country directly adjacent to the North Pole, having a coat for Russians is mandatory. Winter in some regions of Russia is longer than other seasons. That’s why, Russians have varied fashion even during the winter. They have various models of coats to accompany during the winter. Because of the style of the coat and the good material, of course the coat they have usually has a high price. We as Indonesians cannot apply this style of clothing in Indonesia because Indonesia does not have a winter like Russia. Indonesia is never cold because it has a tropical climate.

5. Shoes

Russia has 4 seasons which is of course different from Indonesia which has only 2 seasons. One of the advantages is that Russians can use various models of shoes according to the season. Various types of boot models will decorate beautifully on Russian women’s feet. Russian women will look feminine using boots that are combined with a coat and skirt. While those who have a tomboy style, combining jeans with boots is equally interesting. In the summer, Russians wear thin shoes or slip-on as their footwear. Slip on will be cool if combined with shorts for men.

6. Hat

Summer hats and winter hats, of course, have different models. As a cold country, winter hats are more attached to Russia. They usually use warm hats made of animal fur. Animal fur is apparently able to warm the body compared to other materials. This hat consists of various types of models that can be adjusted to the shape of the face. During the summer, Russians use headgear to avoid the glare of the sun. Women usually eat summer hats that are feminine in style to stay beautiful and sweet.

Thats all What To Wear In Russia For Daily Style. You can imitate the style of Russian women’s dress, which is of course adapted to the conditions of your country. Is it in the rainy season, summer or winter. Mantel is certainly not suitable for those of you who live in tropical countries like Indonesia. But you can style with a coat if you visit Russia. As we know, there are many reasons for you to visit Russia. Visiting Russia, one of the important things is to understand Russian. You can start learning Russian with a free website online. If you have Russian language skills, you will find it easier to move to this country. Why did Russia become the goal of moving? Apart from being one of the superpowers, Russia has some interesting facts. Start thinking about visiting this bear country.

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