Life-Changing Shopping Hacks On Russia Without Going Broke

frugal shoppingTraveling to Russia is incomplete without shopping. We know that Russia has unique souvenirs that are not owned by other countries. Especially for Indonesians who like to buy souvenirs or look for items that don’t exist in the country.

Shopping in Russia can be more fun because of new and unusual experiences. But don’t let your wallet drain after arriving in Indonesia. Here are Life-Changing Shopping Hacks On Russia Without Going Broke :

1. Prepare Cash

The first thing to note is to prepare cash. Of course the currency in Russia is the Ruble. This is important to anticipate costs or unexpected needs while traveling in Russia. For that, before going on vacation, first exchange enough cash.

2. Avoid using a debit card

It is also recommended to avoid using debit cards when traveling to Russia. Transaction with debit is easy, but it’s not too safe. Debit cards are known to be less protective than credit cards in the event of information loss or theft.

3. Save Bon

It is also important to always keep a shopping receipt when traveling abroad. Tips for shopping abroad are often forgotten when a lot of activity or being careless. Keep a bill needed for tax returns at the airport or when you want to exchange items.

4. Bring Extra Bags

For you who really like shopping, bags are important. If you feel you will bring a lot of groceries or safekeeping, bring an extra medium to large bag to hold it. If you need to bring a small suitcase so that all carry it is safe, especially if a lot is in the form of liquid.

5. Know the Normal Prices

Before buying goods, if you can try to know the normal price first. A number of shops in the tourist area sometimes raise prices even up to many times. If you already know the normal price, you can be more picky before buying. If you vacation with a guide, try asking to be taken to a shopping place or souvenir that does not raise prices. But if you are afraid of being lied to by a guide, it’s better to browse the internet first.

6. Take advantage of a Credit Card

If you will shop for items in a large store, it’s good to use a credit card. Besides being able to make transactions easier and safer, credit card management can also be profitable. Some credit cards have special features when used in holidays. Credit cards sometimes also offer the best exchange rate guarantee. You can even find credit cards that offer better rates.

7. Get to know season and the best place to shop great sing sale

Tips for shopping in Russia are to find out about sale season. Usually sale season is happen at the time of the changing season, which is between January-February or June-July. Traveling during the sale season will be more profitable because at that time there will be many price discounts. Also collect information about favorite shopping locations in Russia.

8. Don’t forget to bid

When you are shopping at traditional markets such as Chinatown or Bugis Market, don’t hesitate to bid. In general, traders will certainly set higher prices for tourists. You can try by bidding up to 50% cheaper. Also compare the price of goods that are the same as those sold at the kiosks next to them.

9. Compare prices

Some fashion products with a particular brand in Russia usually the price will be cheaper than if we bought in Indonesia. Some brands, such as T-shirts and bags Charles Giordano n Keith, prices tend to be much cheaper than if we bought in Indonesia. You can consider it if it turns out the price is not much different from the one in Indonesia.

10. Don’t go crazy

You might think: “When else will I come here?” Yes, that’s right! But that doesn’t mean you have to buy all the items until your credit card reaches the limit. Shop according to your budget. Also think about whether the item you are looking for is useful. Winter boot that looks cool when you buy it in Russia would not be suitable for use in tropical Indonesia.

11. Use a calculator

If you are in a traditional market, you will immediately find out that not all traders can speak English. To overcome this, prepare a small calculator. Type a number in the calculator, then give it to the merchant. You can also borrow a merchant’s calculator or use a calculator on your mobile.

12. Buy unique souvenirs

Giving gifts to relatives in the homeland as an obligation for us who travel to Russia. Remember that you are not required to buy souvenirs. Focus on buying souvenirs for the people closest to your heart such as family or close friends. However, I am sure you will still not feel good if you don’t buy souvenirs at all for your office colleagues. Few tips: choose items with a promo price where the price is cheaper if you buy in large quantities, for example, buy 1 get 1 or $ 10 for 3 items.

Thats all the best ways  Life-Changing Shopping Hacks On Russia Without Going Broke. Also recognize the best shopping places in Russia to get cheap prices with good quality goods. Besides that, understand what season you are visiting Russia. If you visit Russia at the end of the year to the new year, be prepared to bring winter clothes to Russia. At the beginning of the year you can join the New Year and Christmas celebrations in Russia. Christmas in the new year? Only Russia and Eastern European countries have it. This is one of the unique Christmas celebrations in Russia. Don’t forget to taste typical food during winter in Russia. Vodka will also warm your body in winter in Russia.

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