Let’s Take a Peek Of Russian Everyday Clothing

Russia is famous for its beautiful women. Besides being beautiful, Russian women are also famous for being very fashionable. You must know some interesting facts about Russian women. What is the style of Russian women’s dress like? It would have been nice to see women dressed in stylish clothes in any season in Russia. Let’s Take […]

7 Tips To Do Cheap Shopping In Russia That Will Save Your Money

Traveling to Russia will give you a special experience. We know that the country directly adjacent to the north pole has many interesting tourist attractions in Russia. Because of its vast territory, Russia has beautiful and diverse natural attractions. In addition, Russia which is closely related to eastern Europe has ancient European buildings that you […]

How To Do Clever Shopping In Moscow, Russia

Moscow not only offers attractive, unique architecture and extraordinary nightlife. You can go shopping here and you will be surprised because some of the trendy things here may be cheaper than elsewhere. This is because the ruble has fallen in value against foreign currencies. Maybe you never thought that Russia was a fun place to shop. […]

8 Ideas Of Doing Short Adventure In Russia

What are people looking for when on vacation outside? Of course natural scenery such as the sea, beaches, mountains and forests. Or culinary tours that are unusual and appetizing. But what is it, just that? The answer is no, if you intend to “visit” to Putin’s country. There are many exciting adventures and tourist attractions […]

6 Difficulties Foreign Women Experience While Live In Russia

Living in a developed country may be a dream for most people. One of the developed countries in the world is Russia. Apart from being famous for its sophisticated weapons, Russia is also famous for its attractive tourist attractions in Russia. You can see the beautiful taiga, the amazing lake Baikal, to ancient European-style buildings […]

Here Are 8 Difficulties You Face As Non-Russian Living In Russia

Have you ever thought of living in Russia? You will be able to see unique architect buildings in Russia every day, enjoy beautiful natural scenery in Russia, and meet unique Russian culture. Traveling to Russia is indeed a very pleasant thing. But what if Russia becomes the place where you are not Russian? Of course there […]

9 Facts of Yakutsk, Russia – The Coldest City In The World

Visiting a place with a beautiful view is normal. But have you ever thought of visiting places with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius? It can become your new experience. If you want to visit a super cold place, Russia can be an option. In Russia, there are several cities that are very cold, even one […]

Top 9 Beautiful Places In Russia That Worth To See!

Every region in the world has an interesting side. So is Russia. Russia has a special natural landscape because of the location is directly adjacent to the North Pole. Because of the vast territory, Russia has a unique characteristic for travelers. One of them is a very varied natural situation. Russia has polar fields in […]

6 Best Shopping Place In Russia That You Must Visit

Russia has many interesting places. Starting from the amazing natural attractions in Russia, to the typical architectural buildings in Russia that are very charming. In addition, some cities in Russia has distinctive festivals that allow us to see the beautiful Russian culture. One of the famous festivals is Russia’s victory day parade. In addition, Russia […]

7 Natural Wonders In Russia That Will Stun You!

Being a country in the northernmost part of the Earth, Russia has tremendous natural wealth. There are snowy parts of Russia, others are grass-landed. This diversity causes Russia to be suitable for nature tourism. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a view of snow-capped mountains, that’s one of the features you’ll see in Russia. […]