How Important is it to Travel to Russia in May?

When planning a trip to places with extreme weather or drastic change in the temperature throughout the year, it is important to find information about the right time to visit the said regions. One of the countries that fall in this category is Russia, and it has been in many travelers’ bucket lists. According to […]

What to Do While Celebrating the White Nights in Russia?

To people who live closer to the equator, enjoying long days and shorter nights in person may sound like a dream. Leave alone the natural phenomenon of the northern sky. But, that doesn’t mean that all the mother nature’s beauties can’t be spread around the globe, thanks to technology. The beauty we are about to […]

Let’s Get To Know About Russian Summer Ethno Festival

Summer is almost here. Some of the world’s population, especially those who live in four-season countries, rejoice in the warmth of the sun and the festivity of the festival. Russia, where intimate Western European historical and aesthetic visions coexist with the giant relics of communism, also celebrated. Visiting Russia in the summer is a good […]

8 Events not to be missed in Russia during summer

One of the things you have to do to vacation in Russia is events not to be missed in Russia during summer. Summer is the best time for everyone. The temperature is not cold, allowing you to go to various places of interest. Everyone from babies to the elderly certainly prefers summer than winter. If […]

Brief Guide You Should Know Before Going to Russian Nashestvie Festival

Summer in Russia doesn’t last really long, and that’s why it’s always packed with outdoor events while it lasts. One of the most famous is this Russian rock festival known as Nashestvie Festival. The event is usually held around July or August for two to three days. Dubbed as the “Russian Woodstock”, Nashestvie calls for […]

What To Wear During Summertime In Russia

Summer in Russia usually takes place around June to August. The weather can be very hot and the temperature even reaches 40 ° C. For those of us who are bored with the hot weather it will definitely be very torturous. Russians love summer and sun. Because that’s when they can sunbathe and bathe in […]

Here Are Female Travel Packing For Summer Holiday in Russia

Everyone must have a favorite time to travel. However, summer is the peak of travel in various parts of the world, especially in East Asian and European countries. The reason is because of the ease of access to transportation which is usually disrupted during the winter. In addition, longer daytime means longer playing time too. […]

6 Things Russians Like To Do in Summer Season

Are you curious about activities that Russians doing during summer? Well, most of them are actually just about the same with other 4-season countries. However, they have some activities that probably do not exist in your country. For your information, summer in Russia can be really challenging. The maximum temperature during the season can exceed […]