Moscow Or St. Petersburg; Which Is the Better Place to Spend Holiday?

Russia is indeed a country that should be included in the list of countries that you must visit. There are many interesting places there that would be a pity for you to miss if you have the opportunity to come there. More so if you come to big cities in Russia. For the foreign tourists, […]

9 Best Russian Holidays in A Year

Every nation has its own special days marked as national holidays where everyone gets to have a break and celebrate the important day together with their fellow citizens. The most common holidays are Independence Day and religious holiday. Russia, being a very old country with a long history and rich diversity, has a long list […]

4 Places That Should Be Visited for Russian Holidays

When it comes to choosing a destination for holiday, what appeals to a bunch of travelers might not be of one to another. And with a lot of different destinations scattered all over the world, they have the freedom to choose which sometimes makes narrowing down their options challenging. Are you looking forward to a city […]

Let’s Celebrate Month of July in Russia With These Beautiful Festivals!

Russia is a country famous for its global festivals. Almost every month Russia holds an interesting festival. In certain months, some festivals are very festive. For example when easter, new year, and summer. Summer is almost here. That means many summer festivals are ready to be held. What are the Russian festivals in July? Let’s celebrate […]