Let’s Get To Know About Russian Summer Ethno Festival

russian summer ethno festivalSummer is almost here. Some of the world’s population, especially those who live in four-season countries, rejoice in the warmth of the sun and the festivity of the festival. Russia, where intimate Western European historical and aesthetic visions coexist with the giant relics of communism, also celebrated.

Visiting Russia in the summer is a good idea to avoid the allegedly cruel Russian winter. Even though the temperature of June is still cold for the “tropical body”. Another plus point is that the summer afternoon time is very long so you have extra time to move. In addition, summer in Russia presents many cultural festivals. Let’s Get To Know About Russian Summer Ethno Festival :

1. KAMWA Festival

In an area in Russia there is the Kama River, also known as Kamwa. Kamwa consists of two words namely KAM which means human or shaman and WA which means water. Kamwa may also be interpreted as a life stream of time. This event is supported by the Perm Department of Culture and is held at the Khokhlovka Museum located 40 km from Perm.

The Kamwa Festival is a colorful event that enriches the cultural agenda of Perm City. Every year, this festival attracts thousands of spectators who want to explore the ethnic culture of various countries and communities, as well as the indigenous culture of local indigenous peoples in the Perm region. KAMWA consists of various cultural phenomena: music, fashion, land art, ecological camps, ethnic cinema. The core of this event is a festival of ethnic culture with national games, songs, crafts and traditional cuisine.

Over the past ten years, KAMWA has seen more than 200 projects from 50 regions of Russia, as well as Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Finland, Hungary, England, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Norway, Turkey, Morocco, Haiti.

This international KAMWa Festival is one of the festivals that many people have been waiting for. Besides being interesting, the location of the Khokhlovka Museum presents beautiful hills.

2. Wild Mint Festival

Wild Mint festival is the largest world music festival in Russia. The festival held every summer in the cultural and ethnographic complex “Ethnomir” in Kaluga region. Its about 100 km from Moscow. In 2019, the festival will be held on 28-30 June. During the three days of the festival the guests will be delighted to hear diverse and vibrant music of the world. The guests are Mummy Troll, Primal Scream, Basta, Dolphin, The Hatters, Little Coin, and for the DJ is Faithless DJ Set. The Great Machine and Dubioza Colektiv will also perform in this festival.

This festival will be interested ot only to music lovers but to everyone who is interested in culture and traditions of the world. World-on-a-Plate food festival  will give you a chance  to taste  dishes of national cuisine like Indian, Serbian, Finnish and Spanish, Ukrainian and Uzbek.

There’re also numerous fairs at the festival. You can attend the largest market of handmade gifts and try organic eco-friendly food from all over the world. They are Chinese tea and homemade Serbian cheese, organic spices, nuts and dried fruit, northern taiga berries juice and honey.

3. Folk Summer Festival

Wolfs Call Folk Summer Fest is a 3-day folk metal festival with the first run in 2013 in the town of Gus-Khrustalny, Russia. The festival being a pretty much unique event for the country because its aimed to unite all the folk metal fans in Russia. It also present not only a very strong line-up but also a plenty of non-music authentic entertaining acts like sword fights, fire shows, go-go dance performances etc in the best European festivals’ tradition. 

In 2019, Arkona Quiz will perform at Folk Summer Festival. Arkona is a folk metal band from Moscow, Russia. Lyrics and music are strongly influenced by Russian folklore and mythology. The band member are Masha “Scream”, Sergey “Lazar”, Ruslan “Kniaz”, Vladimir “Volk”, and Andrei Ishchenko. They are Russian and their hometown is Moscow.

4. WAFEst

WAFEst is the one of amazing summer festival in Russia. Beside music and bazar, this festival has unique perform like circus and magic. The element of Water will bring classes in Windsurfing and kite surfing, romantic boat trips and extreme fly-surf. Participants will enjoy music, rhythms, sounds of nature which intertwine in the breath of the forest like open-air concerts, jam-sessions and live shows with folk and ethnic music, reggae, funk and boogie-woogie.

Fire will show its beauty in the hands of true professionals as the festival brings together the best artists of the fire-show from different parts of Russia and the CIS countries. The element of Earth stands for more than 20 creative spaces, each with its own unique atmosphere: open workshops, yoga classes, theater, children playgrounds and many others.

For seven years, this festival takes place at the Gorky Reservoir in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Main theme of the event this year is “Inspiration”. This year, WAFEst will also host a large interregional hand-made fair, interesting cafes, restaurants, tea and coffee houses which will serve unusual author’s food and delightful beverages.

Thats all About some Russian Summer Ethno Festival. If you visit Russia during summer, you can go to amazing places in Russia during summer. For example Russian beaches that more amazing in this season. Do not forget to bring your summer stuff when you go to Russia soon. Russia also has favorite food during summer. You also have to visit best places for food lovers in Moscow.

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