Never Do These 10 Things If You Want to Get A Good Job in Russia 

Do you want to get a good job in Russia? This article will give you tips on the most proficient method to secure positions in Russia for English speakers.  Depending on your past experience and background study, securing positions in Russia for outsiders probably will not be simple. There is an intense interest for outside […]

How to get along faster with Russian in Moscow

Russia is the largest country in the world. It extends from eastern Europe to northern  Asia, while 77% of area located in Europe mostly became the center of government and important administration office; as Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the rest 23% of area is mainly about natural resources which also very important to the […]

How to blend easier with Russian in St. Petersburg

Having plan to go on vacation? Want to visit one of the best architectural and historical cities in Russia? Have you ever experienced a quite breathtaking and attractive tourist destination which is also belong to World Heritage site of UNESCO? Yes, that is well described about St. Petersburg. Located in the northern part of Russia, […]

6 Effective Ways Learning Russian Language Even If You Never Get Fluent

Every country has a different language. Not only that, even some regions in one country can have different languages. But every country must have a united language that is used officially and publicly. If the language in each country is different, then how do we interact with people in other countries? Of course, we cannot […]

Life-Changing Shopping Hacks On Russia Without Going Broke

Traveling to Russia is incomplete without shopping. We know that Russia has unique souvenirs that are not owned by other countries. Especially for Indonesians who like to buy souvenirs or look for items that don’t exist in the country. Shopping in Russia can be more fun because of new and unusual experiences. But don’t let […]

7 Tips To Do Cheap Shopping In Russia That Will Save Your Money

Traveling to Russia will give you a special experience. We know that the country directly adjacent to the north pole has many interesting tourist attractions in Russia. Because of its vast territory, Russia has beautiful and diverse natural attractions. In addition, Russia which is closely related to eastern Europe has ancient European buildings that you […]

Effective Tips To Do One Week Trip To Russia With a Carry On Luggage

Visiting Russia during the holidays can be fun. Besides having many beautiful places, Russia has a unique architecture. It can be seen from ancient Russian buildings but still sturdy. To visit Russia, of course you have to do basic things. Flight tickets and hotel rooms have been booked, a list of destinations that you want […]

Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time

Winter vacation in Russia? This can be fun and challenging. Why? Because Russia is a country directly adjacent to the North Pole. You can imagine how cold Russia is in winter. Because Russia has many tourist attractions, visiting Russia in all seasons will still be a pleasure. One of the challenges for a winter vacation […]

8 Easy Ways to Learn Russian Language in A Day

Russian is known as a language that is difficult to learn. Because the language is a group of slavic languages that ​​has complicated grammar arrangement. Plus the look of Cyrillic letters are used to reinforce the impression that the Russian language is a strange language. There are easy ways to learn russian language in a […]

14 Best Way to Learn Russian Online For Free

Nowadays, learning a foreign language is an important requirement. But as we know that learning foreign languages through counseling institutions is too expensive and need more time. Actually there are best way to learn russian online free. 14 Best Way to Learn Russian Online Free Russian is one of the languages ​​that dominate the book market. Many […]