Wedding Tradition in Russian Orthodox Church

Everyone knows the word “marriage” has Slavic roots and means “to be with.” Married couples, that’s the name of a horse in a bundle, our distant ancestors. According to Orthodox law, after married couples join church marriages, they become “one flesh”. One is in their desires, pleasures and sufferings. The wedding ceremony is one of […]

8 Easy Ways to Learn Russian Language in A Day

Russian is known as a language that is difficult to learn. Because the language is a group of slavic languages that ​​has complicated grammar arrangement. Plus the look of Cyrillic letters are used to reinforce the impression that the Russian language is a strange language. There are easy ways to learn russian language in a […]

The Russian Meal Time Etiquette

Russian have unique culture. Sometimes, their culture can’t explaining easily. From daily activities, fashion, until meal time, Russian culture so amazingly unique. Russian etiquette is unique as always since 19th century. Although, every country has their unique etiquette. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, russian meal time etiquette was art. All is meaningful, even […]

The Russian Business Dining Etiquette (must know!)

Russia is a multicultural country that is influenced by various cultures. One that dominates there is the culture of Greek Orthodox Church that has penetrated into the joints of the life of the people of the Red Bear State. In addition, Russian diversity is also enlivened by the Orthodox Slavic culture, the Islamic Tatars, the […]

6 Reasons Why The Russian Language Easier Than You Think

Most people often think of Russian as a difficult language to learn. There are main reason for people avoid Russian. Many people stop learning Russian in the middle. They think the alphapet is difficult to memorize. Its elaborate grammar and other reason. Is it true that Russian is difficult? What are the difficulties found when […]

14 Best Way to Learn Russian Online For Free

Nowadays, learning a foreign language is an important requirement. But as we know that learning foreign languages through counseling institutions is too expensive and need more time. Actually there are best way to learn russian online free. 14 Best Way to Learn Russian Online Free Russian is one of the languages ​​that dominate the book market. Many […]

8 Reason Learning Russian is Important

What do you imagine so hear the Russian name? Artillery sophistication? An animated character named Marsha in the animated film Marsha and The Bear? Or the national language? Here we will explain reason learning Russian is Important. 8 Reason Learning Russian is Important This famous country uses Russian as a means of daily communication. Russian […]

7 Best Way to Learn Russian For Free (must know!)

Russian is the main slavic language spoken in Russia as the official language. Besides Russia, some countries that use this language. Such as Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Turkmenistan, and other countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. What the best way to learn Russian for free, this article will explain for you. 7 […]

10 Benefits of Learning Russian Language

Language is the main in communication. Besides communication, language also has many social and cultural functions. Language can be used as the opening path of the world’s horizon. To be able to interact at the world level, language skills are indispensable. Having foreign language skill will be benefits for people. Especially foreign language that include […]

6 Benefits of Learning Russian at an Early Age

Learning is not dependent by age. It is never too late to study. However, it would be better if the learning starts early, including learning a foreign language. There are thousands of languages in this world. Studying one or more foreign languages is very exciting. In addition to helping us communicate with foreign people, learning […]