Get to know best bakeries in St. Petersburg

Everyone needs a quick stop at best bakeries in St. Petersburg to recharge and enjoy the best dessert that the city can offer. There are many Things You Need To Taste In Russia, and it does not limit to the culture, people, atmosphere, and landscape only, Russian cuisine is one of the best in the world. Saint […]

Life-Changing Shopping Hacks On Russia Without Going Broke

Traveling to Russia is incomplete without shopping. We know that Russia has unique souvenirs that are not owned by other countries. Especially for Indonesians who like to buy souvenirs or look for items that don’t exist in the country. Shopping in Russia can be more fun because of new and unusual experiences. But don’t let […]

7 Tips To Do Cheap Shopping In Russia That Will Save Your Money

Traveling to Russia will give you a special experience. We know that the country directly adjacent to the north pole has many interesting tourist attractions in Russia. Because of its vast territory, Russia has beautiful and diverse natural attractions. In addition, Russia which is closely related to eastern Europe has ancient European buildings that you […]

How To Do Clever Shopping In Moscow, Russia

Moscow not only offers attractive, unique architecture and extraordinary nightlife. You can go shopping here and you will be surprised because some of the trendy things here may be cheaper than elsewhere. This is because the ruble has fallen in value against foreign currencies. Maybe you never thought that Russia was a fun place to shop. […]

13 Most Used Shopping Website of People in Russia

Shopping website usage is more common than ever, nowadays you can browse many websites to shop easily. Not only because of the rise of shopping websites, but also for its versatility. It provides great info and a place to test new products on a new market to increase sales. The growing internet user, easy connection, and affordable […]

8 Online Shopping Websites in Russia

You can do clever shopping in Russia. It has a complete collection to choose from clothing to souvenirs. You can buy the famous Russia vodka or a winter coat by clicking their online shopping website. Moreover, shopping is easier and more comfortable. If you don’t know where to shop in Russia, the internet serves info […]

Unique things you should buy in 10 places in Russia

When it comes to shopping in Russia, this country provides plenty of choices. There are plenty of items, local and imported, to choose for while you’re shopping in Russia. For shopping place, malls and street markets are available to spend your money. Branded shops, as well as street market, provide a nice shopping experience for […]

9 Cheap and Tasty Markets in Moscow – Russia

Strolling in the street of Moscow, or in luxurious Moscow shopping malls, you might wonder where Moscow locals go shopping, especially for daily necessities such as food and clothes. Not everyone likes to go to the mall every day, and certainly not for cheap goods. This is where markets, especially street markets become favorites. Street […]

8 Best Street Markets in St.Petersburg – Russia

Shopping at street markets in St. Petersburg requires more than a good pair of eyes for the good items. You have to know how to get around the market and speak Russian with the vendors. There’s high chance that the seller won’t know basic English unlike at big shopping malls. If you’re a shopping addict, […]

10 Luxurious Shopping Mall in Russia to spend your money

Russia has endless shopping choices for every shopping lover. In Moscow alone, there are a lot of famous shopping outlets. Markets and souvenir shops also plenty. They can be found anywhere in every part of the country. But what about shopping malls. Everyone loves shopping Mall. They are a one-stop destination for shopping. It’s where you […]