5 Amazing Arts Festival in Russia During Summer

How is summer in Russia? Russia is known as one of the coldest countries in the world because it borders the North Pole. For this reason, summer in Russia is the most anticipated season for most Russians, even tourists. In the summer, most people can do their summer activities in Russia. For example, visiting the coast, taking off thick jackets, traveling with sandals, and much more. In addition, some places in Russia are also very beautiful to visit during the summer. Especially the beautiful beaches in Russia. During the summer, you can also see various festivals in Russia. There are 5 amazing arts festival in Russia during summer :

1. Usadba Jazz International music festival

This music festival is usually held in June. The type of music that is carried is jazz and is held in an open space. For ten years Usadba Jazz was held at Usadba Archangelskoye. It is a beautiful garden with good architecture that was built in the late 18th century. In the beginning, the music festival was a dance party attended by Russian Tsar nobles. But now, Usadba Jazz has become a very large jazz music festival, even every year attended by around 40 thousand people. Because the bigger the event, the summer festival was moved to Tsaritsyno in Moscow. In addition to Moscow, the jazz music festival is also held in other cities such as St. Petersburg.

2. International Festival of Electric Music and Modern Technology of Alpha Future People

This festival is quite unique. By carrying out the type of electro music, this music festival is also accompanied by an exhibition of modern technology. The festival called Alfa Future People is held every July. About 40 thousand electro music lovers attend this festival every year. The festival is held at a secret airfield on the banks of the Volga River (420 kilometers from Moscow). Alfa Future People is one of the best music shows in Europe. In 2015, in three days, six stages could accommodate more than one hundred DJs and musicians. The total number of visitors reached 25 thousand people spread over an area of 30 times the soccer field.

3. International Festival of Archstoyanie Time Architecture

This summer festival is not a music festival. Archstoyanie always held in Kaluga Oblast. The area is 210 kilometers from Moscow. Initially the ten-year festival was held in the Nikola-Levinets art park and has permeated the life of the nearby village of Zvizzhi. This festival managed to conjure up local shops, bus stops, and community centers to become objects of art. Since 2006, a total of 101 art objects have been created at Nikola-Lenivets. A total of 150 artists contributed to the artwork including Nikolai Polissky (originator of the festival), Sergei Choban and Francois Roche (France). During the period of the digital culture festival in the natural environment, each art object was displayed through light, sound, video, and dance participants under the stars accompanied by electric music and eccentric performances in the middle of the forest.

4. V-Rox Festival Vladivostok

At the end of the summer around the fourth week of August, there is a rock music festival called V-Rox Vladivostok. The V-Rox Festival is the largest and annual meeting in Vladivostok’s ‘free port’. About 100 thousand people visited the festival which was held for three days. The festival takes place day and night in the center of Vladivostok. The audience can watch the performances of various rock bands on a number of stages from Russia, Japan, China, the US, the UK and other countries.

5. White Night Festival

Not in Moscow, the white night festival is in another city, Saint Petersburg. White nights usually occur in the summer mid-June to early July. It’s called white night because at night the sky of the city of Sankt Petersburg still looks bright. Every year this phenomenon is also enlivened by the White Night Festival with various events, such as staging music, drama, ballet, and other interesting events. Many people attend this festival, because the Russian white night festival is one of the big summer festivals in Russia.

6. Suzdal Cucumber Festival

Indonesia was a guest of honor at the “17th Suzdal Cucumber Day Festival” event, which took place on July 15, 2017. This unique festival took place in Suzdal City, Vladimir state, about 210 km from Moscow. The Cucumber Festival is the most popular and biggest annual folk party in Suzdal City. This cucumber festival is to celebrate the harvest of cucumbers and at the same time welcome the entry of summer.

Even though it only has a population of around 10,000 people, Suzdal, which is a historical city, is visited by around 200,000 tourists both domestic and foreign each year. As for the capital city of Vladimir, more than 1 million people visited the city that was once the capital of ancient Russia. The festival takes place very lively in all corners of the city with the peak of outdoor excitement which is part of Suzdal Wooden Architecture Museum.

Thats all 5 amazing arts festival in Russia during summer. Besides being able to see the festivals, you can also enjoy the famous Russian food during summer. Summer in Russia is the best season for traveling to all regions of Russia. Don’t forget your itinerary is for summer in Russia.

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