Neighborhood In Russia That Will Attract Foreigners To Live There

russian neighborhoodVisiting Russia is probably a normal thing. But have you ever thought of living in this snowy country? If you have not been interested in Russia, you must know the facts about Russia. In addition to the country with the largest region, Russia also has a large power in the world.

Another interesting thing is that Russia has a good education system. Of course you can study on the best campus in Russia. Besides that, the natural scenery in Russia always attracts migrants. Then what is the place to live that makes migrants in Russia comfortable? Here are Neighborhood In Russia That Will Attract Foreigners To Live There :

1. Location

Roads are infrastructure that you must take into account when choosing a residential location. Of course, the more access, such as toll roads, to your residential location, the easier you are to travel. Not only that. The better access to the area, the better the value of the assets you will buy. However, good access is not only seen from the number of roads leading to the area, but also the smooth flow of traffic when there.

2. Security

Who doesn’t like a safe place? As migrants in Russia, a safe place to live is an important thing that must exist. Before making a choice, entrants should first ask people around about the security of the location. The location of a house that is safe from various forms of crime, such as theft, riots, brawls, etc. is the best place to live. Even better if there is a routine security system, such as security guards, or night patrols.

3. Not prone to disasters

This includes the main thing, ensuring the location of residential homes that are not prone to disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, fires and others is a must. Basically there is rarely a disaster in Russia, unlike in Indonesia. This is because Russia is not crossed by plate lines such as Southeast Asian countries. But it’s good as a migrant, you find out more about it.

4. Road access

Choose the location of a residential house that has good access to the entrance, a minimum road width of 4 meters, semi-roads, and the road is often crossed by people, not a dead end. Access roads that are not too far from various public facilities, such as markets, schools, houses of worship and other crowd centers. Choosing the location of the house where you live at a crossroads can be made the next alternative. As a migrant, living in a strategic place and close to a bus stop or station is quite important. You can get to know the territory of Russia with easier access. Even if you don’t live in a big city, make sure you live in an environment with easy road access. This will make it easier for you to understand your environment faster.

5. Diversity

A place of residence with a variety of tribes is better than a residence inhabited by only one or two tribes. Why? With a diversity of people, you will be easier to enter into your neighborhood. This is because the surrounding community is used to differences. If they are ordinary with differences, then they will respect you more as a migrant. Choose the location of the residence where the surrounding population is diverse (heterogeneous), with various types of activities and professions.

6. Water, electricity, signal facilities

Maybe in the past, to determine the location of a good and comfortable place to live, the availability of clean water and electricity was enough to provide comfort to live in that location. Location of the house where you live with clean water, electricity and strong signals. But nowadays it is all internet, of course you as a immigrant do not want to have a residential house that is not affordable for mobile phones and the internet. Even today, people want residential locations that have strong internet signals such as 3G or 4G signals, for example.

7. Environmental Hygiene

Clean healthy base. If the environment where you live is not clean, then your health and that of your family are threatened. Especially considering that your family will spend more time in this environment. Pay attention to cleanliness in the surrounding environment, including the distance from the house to the temporary landfill. Look also at the sewer line.

8. Ease of Transportation

Although a house on a highway or near a highway may be more potential to be polluted, this also means that the distance between the house and the transportation center is also closer. Living quarters near the station, for example, can provide easy transportation if motorized vehicles have problems. Using public transportation in Russia saves considerable expenses rather than refueling for private vehicles.

Not difficult right? You can find out which areas in Russia by finding out through the internet or your relatives who are already in Russia. If you are a single woman, maybe getting a Russian man is one solution to being able to live in this country. Likewise with male singles. Being a migrant in Russia makes you as a single man immediately release your single. Why? Because the female population in Russia is more than that of Russian men. Therefore, getting a Russian woman is not difficult provided you are sincere.

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