3 Exciting Things You Can Do In Adler District, Russia

There are many places you can explore in Russia. Among many of those places is Adler District. This place lays along the Black Sea. This city of 76.534 people was the host to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Thanks to this, Adler District was developed with some suburban network. So, if you are visiting this place, […]

Tips for Tourist! 5 Easy Ways to Travel Around Russia

Do you want to take a vacation but haven’t determined which country you want to visit? Or are you still confused how do you get around the country you are visiting? If you are someone who likes to travel to visit a country, you certainly have to think about what preparation is needed while in […]

Advice To Do Backpack Traveling To Russia

Who doesn’t know Russia? A country that is a fraction of the Soviet Union has recently held a grand show that is the 2018 World Cup. But behind it all, many tourist attractions in Russia you must visit. The tourists who come to Russia not only want to watch their country compete, but also want […]

Packing List For Trip To Russia In Blooming Spring Time

If you want summer tours but don’t like crowds, May is the best time. Winter ends in February to early March. But cold temperatures and a pool of molten snow usually last until mid-April. The temperature in early May has begun to warm. Daytime starts to feel long, but the air remains cool. It’s very […]

Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time

Winter vacation in Russia? This can be fun and challenging. Why? Because Russia is a country directly adjacent to the North Pole. You can imagine how cold Russia is in winter. Because Russia has many tourist attractions, visiting Russia in all seasons will still be a pleasure. One of the challenges for a winter vacation […]

Top 9 Russia Packing List Items For Weekend Trip

Russia is one of the countries with amazing tourist destinations. This country is famous for its beautiful historic buildings and Russia has unique architect. In addition, Russia is famous for its natural and snow tours that never disappear. If you want to see beautiful snow, Russia is the right choice. You can visit Russia during […]

9 Hobbies To Do With Your Russian Spouse

Do you ever think that hobbies are only a range of activities to fill in your free time? If you used to think like that, you may want to revise. Actually, you can use your hobbies for more benefits, especially when you already have a spouse. Doing your hobbies with your spouse will make your […]

4 Fascinating Souvenirs From Siberia

Souvenirs are one way to remind us of our travelling experience to certain places. While they are impressive to collect, they also can also act as a gift to give for loved ones. Siberia is identical with unrelenting cold and white snow. But when you look deeper through the area, there are small villages with local […]

5 Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia

Travelling to Russia is most people’s dream. Russia has many attractive places to visit and they have unique weather, too. Those are the reason why most people dreaming to travel to the country of Vodka. But, they also think that travelling to Russia could be very expensive because it is far away from their country. […]