5 Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia

Travelling to Russia is most people’s dream. Russia has many attractive places to visit and they have unique weather, too. Those are the reason why most people dreaming to travel to the country of Vodka. But, they also think that travelling to Russia could be very expensive because it is far away from their country. But what They think is wrong. Travelling to Russia could be cheaper than travelling to another country if you know some tips to travel there. If you dream to or planning to go to Russia, you should check this article about some tips to do cheap travelling to Russia and save you a bunch of money.


For some periods, Russian airways have promotions for some flights. These promotions often offered in January, September, and during some other periods. You can find a cheap price for a long distance journey in these promotions. Subscribe to their mailing list to make sure you will get informed about when the promotion comes.

The cheapest city to fly to is Moscow. Aside from that, fly to Moscow is the most effective one because you can go to another city by train which costs cheaper than flight. But if you still want to go to other city by plane it’s better to reach another city in the territory of Russia first (Novosibirsk or Vladivostok) and then change to a domestic flight to the city that you want to visit. Low-cost flights are another way to save on the journey, but you should consider about their luggage restrictions to avoid unpleasant thing. One thing you should know that domestic flights cost cheaper than international flight.

If you want to move to another destination, it is better to buy train tickets in advance, at least a month or two months before, do not buy it a day or some time before it or you may fall in to a disappointment. Because Russian Railways as the main train carrier of Russia has a progressive pricing, which means you will get cheaper price if you buy tickets at least a month before your journey. You will get cheaper price by using usual train. The price will be about 30% to 50% cheaper than the premium service train. Price says a lot here, by using usual train  you will get less comfortable journey. It is still okay for short period journey, but it is highly not recommended for long period journey.

You can get cheaper transportation by using bus. But, bus takes unpredictable travel time. Also, bus stations are not always located in the center of the city.


Couchsurfing is the most economical option for active and sociable people. Many of Russians are pleased to accept foreign guide. They are actively joined the world system of habitation exchange. All you need to pay is interesting chat with host.

Mini-hotels are also worth to have an attention. They offer an acceptable comfort level for a lower price quite often. It’s also necessary to check whether that mini-hotels provide an extra visa support or not in advance. Some of mini-hotels can provide this service but some of them not.

If you go together with some friends, it is okay to book a whole room for 5-8 people in a hostel. You might think that hostel is that terrible. But, I might say that do not judge a book by its cover. Some of them provide excellent service, especially youth hostels.

You will have a better comfort when you stay overnight in hotels. But, it might cost expensive price, too. It is important to regularly check the price months before you visit Russia. The competition between Russian hotels are so high, if you regularly check the price of these hotels it is possible to get a cheap price.


Many of Russian restaurant offer business lunch packages which usually held between 12 PM until 4 PM. Even there is no gourmet items in this package, but it is tasty and suitable enough to fulfill your energy and tummy of course. They usually include 2-3 dishes. It is the best way to have a happy and fulfilled tummy.

Simple home style Russian cuisine can be found in almost of self service restaurant. Despite on their unsightly appearance, self service restaurants serve good or might be better food than average restaurant in Russia. There is no such a long queue in this restaurant, there are just some queue to a food server and at the cashier.

For a snack or take away, baked food is the right choice because usually, baked food costs cheaper. You might need two or three pieces of baked food to solve your hunger problem. But, you should not forget that your stomach and figure can be badly affected by this regular abuse of heavy food.


In the end of the day some products in Russian market usually have cheap prices. But it is negatively affected the freshness of the product. You can find everything from unimportance thing until the most important one in passage shop or regional shopping center. Do not be afraid to enter. There are some lovely and unusual shops with reasonable price in passage shop or regional shopping center.

If you search for discount, you can come to Russia between the end of January or the beginning of February. It is the discount season on Russia. Different big shops have promotions by reducing some goods prices on this period. Many shop have liquidation on this period for their collection. You just have to take the product labels to make sure about expire date. But, if you looking for dresses, you don’t have to check the expiration date.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your dream comes true. Let’s save your money, look for the cheapest airplane tickets on the internet. And voila, welcome to Russia!

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