9 Things That Should be Prepared When You Go to Astrakhan 

Astrakhan sits with legs on each side of the Volga north of the Caspian Sea and is Russia’s face on the multinational waterway. The city reflects a significant part of the district’s cultural and religious variety. There are huge networks of Kazakhs and Azeris, just as Islamic Tatars. While numerous guests use Astrakhan for the most […]

Effective Tips To Do One Week Trip To Russia With a Carry On Luggage

Visiting Russia during the holidays can be fun. Besides having many beautiful places, Russia has a unique architecture. It can be seen from ancient Russian buildings but still sturdy. To visit Russia, of course you have to do basic things. Flight tickets and hotel rooms have been booked, a list of destinations that you want […]

Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time

Winter vacation in Russia? This can be fun and challenging. Why? Because Russia is a country directly adjacent to the North Pole. You can imagine how cold Russia is in winter. Because Russia has many tourist attractions, visiting Russia in all seasons will still be a pleasure. One of the challenges for a winter vacation […]