Advice To Do Backpack Traveling To Russia

bckpack travelWho doesn’t know Russia? A country that is a fraction of the Soviet Union has recently held a grand show that is the 2018 World Cup. But behind it all, many tourist attractions in Russia you must visit. The tourists who come to Russia not only want to watch their country compete, but also want to enjoy various kinds of rides or tourist attractions in the country.

But before you want to go to Russia, of course you have to prepare various things. Therefore, there is some important information about any tips for tourists who want to backpacker to Russia. Here are advice to do Backpack traveling to Russia :

1. Determine the tourist attractions you want to visit

The first of backpacker tips to Russia is you have to determine which tourist attractions you want to visit. Many tourists who even confused because they did not determine from the beginning where they want to visit. You don’t want that to happen to you, right? You can make a list of which places you want to visit so you can know where to go. That way you only need to look at your list and then determine where you are going. You must plan what season you will go to Russia. Because each of season in Russia have unique culture and destinations. You can eat popular foods during winter if you decided to go to Russia in winter. But you can do anything that Russian like to do in summer. If possible, look for access that is reasonably priced.

2. Flight ticket for economy class

Backpacker tips to Russia the second is you have to prepare flight tickets. Book flight tickets long before you leave. Look for discounts available by plane ticket purchase application. Some ticket booking applications distribute discounts on certain days. Isn’t it more efficient if you can take advantage of the discount.

3. Visa to Russia

In addition to airline tickets, visas are also an important factor that can determine whether or not you can actually go to Russia. A visa is an important document that will become your identity card and your destination for going to Russia. As for how to administer a visa, it can be said to be easy and difficult. First you have to complete all the requirements that you must fulfill to arrange a visa. Then you can go to the immigration department or you can go to the Russian embassy in your area.

Regarding when your visa has been made can vary, depending on when you take care of the visa. If you take a visa to Russia on vacation, then of course the time you need will be a little longer than when you take care of a visa on a typical day. Notice when you

4. Where to stay while in Russia

Residence is also an important factor that you should not miss when you are backpacker to Russia. Because you go to Russia with low budget, look for a place to stay or lodging which of course suits your pocket. But dont worry, there are meals that suits for low budget in Moscow.

To help find the right place to live, you can download the travel application on your smartphone. The application will inform you about which lodging places you can use to rest. As much as possible you are looking for a place to stay close to the city center. This will facilitate your access to your destination. But you also have to pay attention to the cost of lodging that you must spend.

5. Where to eat in Russia

Places to eat are also important when you visit a place. Some argue that even though you have visited a country or place several times, but you have not tasted the typical food there, then your vacation is like vegetables without salt. You need to know that Russia also provides a variety of delicious Russian foods that you can taste. You don’t have to worry about the price you have to spend to get it because in that country there are several food places that sell Russian food at relatively affordable prices. Of course this is good news for you who go to the country without preparing a large budget. Some of the foods we recommend include Pelmeni or Dumpling, Borscht, Blini, Pirog, etc. that will spoil your tongue.

6. Learn Russian

Language is a communication tool to connect two people who have different life backgrounds. Even though you are proficient in English, you don’t think that when you go to Russia, it will run easily. Some people there, especially those who sell Russian specialties tend not to master English well. This of course will be a problem for you because you will find it difficult to make buying and selling transactions to be able to get the items you want. Thats why you must learn Russian now.

7. Transportation

The last last thing is to determine the transportation that you will later use while you are in Russia. As previously explained, Russia has many attractions that are a pity if you just miss it. In addition, you also need to know about how you go to where you are going. And because you go there bakcpacker, we recommend that you prefer to use public transportation tools such as buses or trains. That way, you can divert your money to buy Russian souvenirs that you can later give to your relatives or friends.

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