How Easy Is It to Travel to Russia?

Traveling somewhere is a fun activity. Especially if your destination is a place that you’ve long dreamed of visiting on your holidays. Of course, many people have done many things or many ways to be able to visit their dream place. Who does not look forward to the holidays, right? In fact, you might also […]

6 Safety Tips for You Before Enjoying Moscow’s Nightlife

Being one of the biggest cities and top tourist destinations in the world, Moscow has a reputation to keep. Recent polls say that the city has become much more comfortable, and residents and guests of the capital feel this. Moscow is approaching world standards, and somewhere even ahead of them. CCTVs are spread all over […]

Tips for Tourist! 5 Easy Ways to Travel Around Russia

Do you want to take a vacation but haven’t determined which country you want to visit? Or are you still confused how do you get around the country you are visiting? If you are someone who likes to travel to visit a country, you certainly have to think about what preparation is needed while in […]

7 Steps to Make an Effective Vacation Plan to Russia

It is common sense to plan before traveling, better planning means better things you could go at a better pace. It’s a common sense, especially planning for traveling to Russia. Although there are many guides and trip advisor to provide you with a suggestion about what to do. But once you go there without a plan, everything […]

What to See and Do in Russia During Autumn Season

Traveling to Russia, everytime you come there will be something to see or do. For example, we could do ice fishing on winter, going to enjoy the beach in summer or just enjoying the scenery which all of the season listed will give you the top quality scenery. Sometimes, planning to go somewhere during your travel, […]

3 Useful Tips if You Are Travelling to Russia Alone

How many of us are truly inspired to solo travel? Yeap saw those hands. Then how many of us have a dream to solo travel to Russia? Yes, that’s you who are reading this post. Here are the 3 useful tips if you are traveling Russia alone. Yes, alone! 1. The Company of Yourself As […]