3 Exciting Things You Can Do In Adler District, Russia

There are many places you can explore in Russia. Among many of those places is Adler District. This place lays along the Black Sea. This city of 76.534 people was the host to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Thanks to this, Adler District was developed with some suburban network. So, if you are visiting this place, you do not need to worry because the suburban network connects with Sochi, Khosta, Matsesta, and Khostinsky City District. Adler is also the place where Sochi International Airport is located. When you arrive at the airport, you can also take the train for it now provides a connection to the airport. Besides Adler District, Krasnaya Polyana was also the host to the 2014 Winter Olympics. This is the reason why the district is connected to it through the train railway. So, if you want to go to Krasnaya Polyana and spend some time there, you can just go to the train station and get yourself there!

As a place whose title is the host of the winter Olympics, this district must worth to spend the time in. So, here are 3 exciting things you can do in Adler District, Russia.

The Exciting Adler District

There are many things you can enjoy during your visit to Adler District. If you are going with your family, you can find the things that fit to be family activities. You can also find exciting activities for grown-ups.

  • Sochi Park

This amusement park is located in the former Olympic park. This funfair’s nickname is Russian Disneyland because of its various activities, both for kids and the whole family, and also its great roller coaster (the highest and the fastest in Russia). This five-land park gives you endless options for adventures to take. For you who love to get your adrenaline in a rush, you must ride Sochi Park’s roller coasters. There are some options with Quantum Leap as the first one. This attraction starts 58 meters above the ground and rides 105 kilometers per hour. Besides that, you can also find one at the top of the Sochi Park’s mountain. This attraction is 1056 meters length and though it will make you feel dizzy after, you are also going to enjoy the ride!

If you want to take your little kids or brother to ride on one of the attractions, you can choose one of these many options. The first one is The Magical Teacups. Just sit in one of the cups and it will take you in a ride with the rhythms of the tea symphony. Another choice is the classic Carousel. The horses were painted by a famous Russian artist, Ivan Bilibin. Children will enjoy their time riding it thanks to the fairy tales illustrated all over the carousel. Besides those attractions, there are also family events such as puppet shows, circus performances, and a lights-and-fountains display. You can indeed spend a whole day in the amusing Sochi Park!

  • Discovery World Aquarium

This attraction is one of the most visited attractions in Russia, as well as the largest. The aquarium covers over 6000-square-meter area. In it, you will find 30 individual aquariums that contain 5 million liters of water. You can start your trip there by walking through the tropical forest. From there, you will walk past the waterfall and cross the bridge. Once you get there, you will see that this aquarium is home to many exotic species. There are many kinds of species such as piranhas, discus, and gourami. From there, you can move to other aquariums where you can see some seahorses, stingrays, catfish, and sharks. While you are in this area, you are going to feel the experience of being in a big sea.

This tourist attraction is located near Sochi Park. So you can easily make a plan to spend the day at both places. You can also find many hotels and resorts nearby. This will make your whole vacation more efficient.

  • Lenin Monument

Many of you are also fans of history. If you are one of them, Lenin Monument is one of the places you must visit. This statue was built as a dedication to Vladimir Lenin. It even had gained international recognition when it was displayed at the New York World’s Fair in 1939. This silver-painted Lenin status is located nearby the central market, just around 100 meters from it. Do not forget to take some pictures when you are visiting this spot!

Now we know the 3 exciting things you can do in Adler District Russia. Which one you are going to visit first?

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