Tips for Tourist! 5 Easy Ways to Travel Around Russia

Do you want to take a vacation but haven’t determined which country you want to visit? Or are you still confused how do you get around the country you are visiting?

If you are someone who likes to travel to visit a country, you certainly have to think about what preparation is needed while in the country. One of those thoughts is a way to get around.

If you are planning to go to Russia and still wondering about the questions above, then let’s see about tips for you as a tourist, an easy way to travel around Russia.

Russia is the country with the largest area in the world. With a large area, of course there are many cities in Russia with tourist attractions that can be an option for traveling. To be able to visit many tourist attractions and just enjoy the natural scenery, tourists who come to Russia must make their own preparations. Starting from finding out the tourist location and also how to reach that location.

In Russia there are many types of transportation that tourists can use to get around the city that is the destination. Regarding which types of transportation are commonly used in the city depending on how the conditions of the road and the area in the city.

In order to add your information as a tourist, this article will discuss tips for tourists! 5 easy ways to travel around Russia.

  • Travel Around Russia With A Flight

Russia is a big and wide country. To be able to get around in cities in Russia, you can use a plane flight. Russia has a national airline called Aeroflot. This airline serves flights in many places. In addition, there are also several local airlines that you can search for and check their safety before ordering.

In Russia there are also many airports scattered in the cities there. If you visit one of the major cities in Russia, Moscow, there are 3 international airports there. That is Sheremetyevo airport, Vnukovo airport, and Domodedovo airport. Meanwhile, if you visit other major cities, namely St. Petersburg, there is Pulkovo International Airport there.

A little information for tourists, Aeroflot airlines in Russia might be able to become an airline that makes it easier for tourists to place an order. The website owned by the airline is a site in English. But there are also many airlines with sites that still use Russian language. A little difficult for tourists who can’t speak Russian language right?

  • Enjoy the Scenery in Russia By Train

Do you like beautiful scenery in the countryside? Then you as a tourist can try to ride the train in Russia. Russia has a famous train route because it is the longest route in the world. The route is the Trans-Siberian route. This route will take you to enjoy a trip from Moscow to Vladivostok.

During the trip, tourists can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Russia, can feel the various cultures that exist in Russia and also visit historic cities in Russia. To be able to enjoy this trip, you can plan your own trip or in groups.

Another train option in Russia which is also popular with tourists is the Sapsan train. It is a high-speed train that will take you to enjoy the journey between St Petersburg and Moscow. Many tourists who choose this train because it is more comfortable if flying by plane.

  • Enjoy the City in Russia By Public Transportation

For tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of cities in Russia, you can choose to use public transport. There are many types of public transportation that tourists can use, including buses, trolleybus, tram, metro and others. The use of public transportation can be adjusted according to where they go while in Russia. Because not all points in Russian cities can be reached by all public transportation.

If you are planning to visit small towns in Russia, you can use the bus. Because indeed in fact in some areas in Russia it can only be reached by bus trips. But if you visit big cities like Moscow or St Petersburg, you as a tourist should try to travel by metro. You will not be disappointed by the beauty of the metro station in the city.

  • Enjoy the Sea and Rivers in Russia With Ships and Boats

Do you want to enjoy a trip in Russia with a different impression? You as a tourist who wants to visit Russia can try to travel around by boat or boat. In Russia there are several boat or cruise tours to cross the river there.

If you use the services of an official cruise ship company registered in Russia, you can stay in Russia for 72 hours without a visa. But if you want to do the tour alone, you still have to apply for a visa before coming to Russia.

For those of you who want to explore deeper by using a ship or boat while in Russia, you can consider the Russian river cruises offered by the company such as Viking River Cruises, Uniworld or Scenic. To be able to enjoy this trip, you need a visa.

  • Drive Around Russia By Renting A Car

Do you want to enjoy a new driving experience in Russia? Or perhaps you want to enjoy the ride in privacy? You as a tourist can rent a car in Russia. All you have to pay attention to is strong physical preparation. You have to be prepared with all road conditions that exist in Russia. Especially if you are going to travel far enough. Also make sure that the car you rent is in good condition.

And maybe there are still some of tips for tourists and easy ways to travel around Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out tips for tourists and easy ways to travel around Russia.

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