11 Friendly Budget Hotels in Moscow for tourist

Moscow serves many outstanding famous places, from St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin to the famous Red Square. It is a great place for classical lovers, nature fans, historical enthusiast and Muslim friendly. When you visit Moscow, have a taste of the local way of life of Russia’s most popular spirit, vodka, and traditional foods such […]

6 Best Cheap clothes store in Russia

Cheap clothes are not something you can really associate Russia with cheap clothes, it is in their nature to have expensive and timeless items. Russian people are not a fan of thrifty things, so cheaps clothes store is very few. You need to search high and low for finding any thrift store in the city center […]

7 Best Nightlife in Kazan That Go Well With Your Budget

If you traveling in a budget, Russia can be a nice choice to visit with a certain preparation of course. commonly, people will think budget travel is not possible in this country, but several facts actually send positive signals. Firstly with 4 seasons applied, the low season happens during autumn when school start and summer […]

6 Best Inexpensive Restaurants That You Can Find in Russia

Finding inexpensive restaurants in Russia is actually not a big deal. There are a lot of such places in this biggest country in the world. However, you can fall into a tourist trap if you do not know the places. Tourist trap is a condition when you pay dishes higher than it should be. So, […]

7 Top Low Budget Meals in St.Petersburg, Russia

Are you travelling to Saint Petersburg? Do you have no idea about where to go to eat on budget? Well, the city has many places you can try. Although St. Petersburg is one of capitals in Russia, the place has restaurants that offer cheap dishes. In addition to having cheap dishes, you can taste delicious […]

5 Tips to Do Cheap Travelling to Russia

Travelling to Russia is most people’s dream. Russia has many attractive places to visit and they have unique weather, too. Those are the reason why most people dreaming to travel to the country of Vodka. But, they also think that travelling to Russia could be very expensive because it is far away from their country. […]