Here are the Most Popular Places for Foreigners to Live in Russia

Do you wish to live in Russia after getting a job? Do you know what popular place for foreigners like you? Here are the most popular places for foreigners to live in Russia. Yes, you read it right. You can live in Russia according to the popularity of the place. You can live among foreigners just […]

How to Find Promising Job as Foreigners Who Live in Russia

You probably have known that Russia used to be the house of wealthiest expats in the world. By taking that, you get a clue that a foreigner, like you, can live a good life in Russia. Then, your next question is probably what kind of job they were doing? An expat life in Russia is […]

9 Popular Professions for Youngsters in Russia

Do you have a dream of going to college? Or do you dream of having a car? You can dream anything you can, but money is another story. Sometimes we, as kids, do not know how to obtain cash other than from our parents. However, we cannot always depend on our parents. Because they cannot […]

6 Work Opportunities for International Students in Russia

If you are an international student in Russia, you have a great opportunity to get job as long as you get  a work permit. Besides, you have to make sure that you are full-time students. It means that you study for at least one year and not an exchange student. Unless, you will not receive […]

8 Highest Paying Jobs in Russia in 2018

Labor market is constantly changing. What becomes famous today may not get the same fame tomorrow. This is because business really depend on the current development and also the country’s development. This makes a job that is famous in certain country may not be famous in other countries. If you want to make high salary, […]

5 Internships for English Speakers in Russia

There is a sad fact about finding a job. You want to apply for job, so you can get experience. However, you need an experience to get a job, otherwise, nobody will hire you. Who does put this kind of requirement anyway? By the way, enough with blaming. Because blaming will not take you anywhere. […]

6 Part Time Jobs in Russia for International Students

Working as an international student in Russia might be a little bit risky and difficult. This is because Russian government surely does not want to provide unreliable labor market for employer. Thus, every potential employee should have a permit for stay at least 1 year to be able to obtain work permit. If an employee […]

8 Popular Jobs in Russia for Science Graduate

Are you a Russian science student and you will graduate in no time? Do you worry about job opportunities for you? Well, no need. Because there are a lot of job opportunities out there waiting for you. In a globalization era, jobs opportunities tend to take side on corporate sector, like managerial or secretarial. Moreover, […]

4 Job Opportunities for Foreigners in Russia That You Can apply

Are you looking for jobs in Russia? Well, don’t be afraid as there are so many people are the same as you are. Just like in any other countries, working in Russia is also available for an expat like you. Moreover, Russia used to be the house of the most successful expat in the country. […]

7 Common Questions of Foreigners Seeking Job in Russia

Finding a job in Russia for foreigners is not so hard. You may even know that Russia used to be the house of the wealthiest expatriate in the country. This proves that working in Russia is also for everyone, as long as they have the required documents. While finding job is quite easy in Russia, […]