Packing List For Trip To Russia In Blooming Spring Time

travel packingIf you want summer tours but don’t like crowds, May is the best time. Winter ends in February to early March. But cold temperatures and a pool of molten snow usually last until mid-April. The temperature in early May has begun to warm. Daytime starts to feel long, but the air remains cool. It’s very fun to travel.

Maybe for us as residents of tropical countries, spring is special. Coupled with stories from comics, novels and films that work rich in spices that make this season feel romantic? Yes, spring is beautiful. Spring is a good time to vacation abroad. Because, many countries offer spectacular sights and attractions that can only be enjoyed during spring. Besides pleasant weather, visit Russia when spring has other benefits. Many spring festivals are held in this superpower. In addition, you can enjoy some popular food during spring in Russia. So, what packing list for trip to Russia in blooming spring time?

1. Moisturizer from head to toe

It is important to bring lipbalm (even for men), thick moisturizing hand cream, and conditioner. Because you will definitely take a hot shower, it is one of the damaging hair moisture. When you meet petroleum jelly like Vaseline in a small package in the store, buy it! It must be a gift from heaven to help you survive in cold, dry weather.

2. Gloves with touch screen access

Temperatures in European-Asian countries during spring can fluctuate, especially if planning to travel to several cities. From a little sunny, cloudy, rainy, even snowy. Temperature can range from 0 to 16 degrees Celsius. The first thing that will feel the impact is the fingers. In conditions of dry and cold skin, gloves are important. In addition to keeping the fingers warm, gloves are also important to protect the skin from friction. Don’t ignore dry skin friction, it can cause quite painful wounds.

3. Lots of socks

For warmth, keep your feet dry, and protect your feet from blisters due to friction with shoes. Don’t forget to bring a few pairs of socks, so that your feet stay warm all the time. Choose socks that use quality and warm materials, such as wool and other thick materials. Don’t forget to at the same time bring several pairs of socks supplies at once. Its because you will wear socks all the time, including when you are sleeping. Also adjust the size of these socks with the comfort of your feet. So you don’t feel uncomfortable or even feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

4. Small-medium sling bag

Not only to reduce back load, small-medium sling bags also make it easier for you to protect valuables. Bring enough items and valuables in a small-medium sling bag placed in front of your body. If necessary, this sling bag can be inserted into the jacket / coat for additional protection. Why do you need a small bag? Because big bags will be burdensome of course. Spring day is the time to take pictures with flowers blooming and posing cheerfully. It doesn’t suits if you carry a large backpack for traveling. Put your big suitcase in the hotel.

5. Super durable flat shoes / sneakers (which suits your clothes)

Certain cities in Russia are more attractive while walking. Little exercise while washing your eyes and enjoying clean air. For that, make sure your shoes are resistant to hardness and all exposure. Because, the streets in Moscow are built from uneven cobblestones. Choose comfortable footwear. Comfort and health during travel are important. Do not wear high heel if you are not comfortable. It will hurt and make your trip less enjoyable. You better wear sneakers that suits with your clothes.

6. Leggings

Multifunctional clothing will greatly save luggage. Leggings can be used to sleep, not to spend space in a suitcase because it can be rolled up, it can also be used as a pants coat when suddenly cold. Legging also make you still stylish even you in Russia during winter. 

7. Light drinking bottle with tight lid

In several places in Moscow, tap water can be drunk. You will save money in everyday life when carrying a drinking bottle while walking around the city. You can also refilling it in certain places (Find fountain locations to fill drinking water). Buy a small size so it won’t be burdensome.

8. Cotton scarf

Cotton scarf can be used as a nose cover and neck cover when the temperature is super cold. At other times it can be used as an emergency swab, head cover, shoulder / arm cover, sitting cushion during a picnic in the park, and others. So you can use cotton scarf during cold or hot time.

9. Earmuffs and eyes

Russia is a country with a longer cold period because it borders the North Pole. Even though spring, cold weather sometimes still attacks. Especially for Indonesians who usually have stable warm weather. To protect you, use the earmuff when it’s cold. This is also one of the important items when you visit Russia during winter.

Those are some packing list for trip to Russia in blooming spring time. You can bring other items to suit your needs. Don’t forget to bring all sorts of important documents like your visa and passport. You can also bring additional memory cards to your cellphone or camera. Goods needed during the spring in Russia are not much different from packing lists in winter in Russia. If you are traveling for 2 weeks, you also need some items to travel for 2 weeks in Russia. Besides spring day, Russia is great country you can visit during winter. There are special destination in Russia during winter. 

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