Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time

packing tripWinter vacation in Russia? This can be fun and challenging. Why? Because Russia is a country directly adjacent to the North Pole. You can imagine how cold Russia is in winter. Because Russia has many tourist attractions, visiting Russia in all seasons will still be a pleasure. One of the challenges for a winter vacation is a lot of luggage.

Packing things into a suitcase can be a hassle. Of course this is not the same as your luggage when visiting Russia during summer. You should read this for Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time.

In the era of air transportation as now, airplane passengers are encouraged to carry bags as needed. One Indonesian airline only allows economy class passengers to carry one hand bag with a maximum size of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm. Weighing no more than 7 kilograms into the cabin, and free baggage weighing 20 kg. If your luggage exceeds the conditions? Get ready for additional costs that are not small. Instead of incurring additional costs, it is better for you to pack efficiently when traveling. How? Follow the 10 steps Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time :

1. List of your needs

Compiling a list of needs before traveling is mandatory. Determine what trip you want. Choose clothes that are comfortable but still beautiful for travel. But if you are not a complicated person, comfort is the most important. Arrange your needs while in Russia. Starting from clothing, all types of gadgets, toiletries, medicines, cosmetics, and so on. Laptops and gadgets that take up space and don’t really matter, you don’t need to carry it.  Its should be things you must carry for 2 weeks trip in Russia.

2. Bring your deterjent

When you traveling, don’t forget to bring a little laundry soap. Before going to bed, take 10 minutes to wash socks, underwear, tanktops or shirts in a hotel room. Choose those made from thin, easy to wash, and dry quickly. Wash it under a shower, roll it in a wide towel, then squeeze it and dry it to dry. Carrying clean clothes in a suitcase is certainly lighter than a pile of dirty clothes.

3. Layered Clothes

Instead of carrying a thick and heavy coat during the winter, bring layered clothes and light materials. This trick makes the air trapped and body temperature stays warm. Using a underwear suit made of thin silk or synthetic material under your shirt is as warm as using an overcoat. Add a thin coat of sweater or jacket as an output when it rains or cooler weather.

4. Multifunction items

Choose clothes that are multifunctional and combine according to taste. For example neutral colored pants and jeans. You can arrange it with a different boss. In addition to being used during the day, material pants will also remain neat when combined with a blazer for a dinner party. If necessary, bring a wrap dress that is suitable for use in all situations. Choose a coat that is suitable for all situations. So you don’t need to bring a different coat for casual and formal purposes.

5. Anti-tangled clothes

If possible, anti-tangle clothes are the best clothes you should carry. Besides maintaining a neat appearance, anti-tangle clothes also have several advantages. Anti-tangle clothes turned out to be odorless. For example fine wool, single jersey, silk, or synthetic materials such as polyester.

6. Neutral Color

Bring clothes with neutral colors and can be combined together. For example, black tops, jeans shirts, and subordinates colored khaki or light brown. A traveler should choose dark clothing. In addition to being easily paired, dark colors can “hide” tangles or stains.

7. Two shoes

When traveling don’t carry more than two pairs of shoes. Remember, the weight of a pair of shoes that averages 0.6 kg can add to your baggage excess. Better to bring neutral colored shoes and suitable for all events. If you are traveling winter, it is advisable to bring anti-skid boots. In addition, you can bring other shoes that are more relaxed.

8. Solid and Flat

Pack clothes in a suitcase as dense and evenly as possible. If you fold your clothes in a suitcase like you keep it in a closet, this is wrong. To save space, roll your clothes. Because it is recommended to bring thin and light clothing. If it’s winter, you can wear the clothes in layers. The technique of rolling clothes can be done. Or, it could be in other ways. Namely for clothing into several parts, fold it, then wrap it in a container bag made of mesh (nets).

9. Small size

To save the place and reduce congenital load, you better buy shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, or body lotion in a small size (travel size). Or, buy small bottles that are widely sold at accessory stores and pour various lotions into them. Likewise with medicine, just bring it to taste. Replacing an office laptop with a small netbook also eases your burden of around 2.26 kg.

10. Cabin Bag

On average, airlines allow passengers to carry bags of a certain size into the aircraft cabin. Can be a backpack, small suitcase, duffel bag, and so on. Take advantage of this by bringing important items that are hard to reach. But again, pay attention to airline rules. One Indonesian airline only allows passengers to carry one cabin baggage and one laptop bag or handbag onto the plane. The size does not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm and weighs no more than 7 kg. This baggage must fit to be placed under the passenger front seat or in the upper compartment.

Those are Light Packing Tips To Go To Russia During Freezing Winter Time. Concise packing tips should you apply to make your trip easier. Especially if you want to move cities or move hotels when traveling. Russia is very beautiful in winter. You can enjoy a variety of Russian food in the winter. Besides that, some interesting sights in Russia are more beautiful in winter. Like buildings with architects that are unique in Russia.

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