9 Hobbies To Do With Your Russian Spouse

Do you ever think that hobbies are only a range of activities to fill in your free time? If you used to think like that, you may want to revise. Actually, you can use your hobbies for more benefits, especially when you already have a spouse.

Doing your hobbies with your spouse will make your day more colorful. It also can make your bond stronger and both of you can connect emotionally. Besides, do you wish to do your hobbies alone or with your friends who don’t live with you? Why don’t you try to do it with your spouse. Believe me, it will be more fun.

Here are 9 hobbies to do with your Russian spouse. Also read: activities that Russians do in their free time.

1. Blogging

Well, although it is not the fun one to consider, it is worth it. Many people, including Russian love to read and write. Because both activities are enjoyable and doesn’t require any cost and so much energy. Moreover, why don’t you start your own blog and make money with your spouse?

Although your spouse want to write a novel about things s/he like, encourage him/ her to do so. Then, you can start blogging on a topic that you both enjoy so s/he may be interested and join as well. This is one of the best, easy, productive and income-producing hobbies so far.

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2. Gardening

If you want to do some “work” rather than sitting in front of your PC, you can do gardening. This is because most of Russian people have “dachas” or country houses. There, they will plant and grow fruits and vegetables. Although you may not live in the country side, why don’t you try this one in your house? You can do gardening in any places, like apartment or your own house without requiring any land. All you need is just soil.

You can put it in pots and put them in your house. You can hang them or put them by the window to add some view. Besides the fact that the activity can make you “do” something, you can harvest your own plant. There you can enjoy the result of your work. Doesn’t it sound fun?

3. Attending Cooking Class

Although your Russian spouse love to cook and can cook very well, attending cooking class is still a good choice. You can cooperate with him/ her while cooking while adding her knowledge of cooking. For men, this is the best chance to gain knowledge of cooking. In addition to be able to cook, you will build your cooperative skill with her.

Moreover, Russian women usually show off their cooking skill during some important events, like birthday party and wedding anniversary. So, preparing her for the days to show her best cooking skill is one of valuable things she can experience.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a relaxing sport that everyone will love to do. Any other sports, like badminton, basket ball or soccer, will not do for some women. If you want to do a healthy hobby, this might be a good choice. By healthy, it means you can also keep or train your posture so both of you can look fabulous. Moreover, doing something outdoor will gain you additional vitamin D which is good for your bones.

5. Going to the Fitness Center

Another way to be healthy is by going to the gym and do some cardio or just burn some sweat. This is a great way if your partner does not want to do so much activities outside. Moreover, it also suits your partner if s/he does not do any sport.

For your information, the place is also a place where many other Russian women go when they are not feeling like doing sport. If you don’t know yet, Russian women love to be healthy and keep their posture by going to the fitness center.

6. Doing Yoga

If you want to increase your body flexibility, you can do yoga. There are a lot of yoga that support partner movement. So, you can partner with your spouse to do yoga together and build trust of each of you. This kind of yoga is called acrobatic yoga. Doing acrobatic yoga may be hard for the first time, but as the time goes, you will find it so much fun. This choice is also great for you who don’t want to do so much movement, but can stay healthy.

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7. Doing Handiwork

Today, there are many Russian shops sell things related to hobbies, including handiwork. You can pick your own best stuff and start knitting. You can do knitting or embroidery or even both for leisure. However, as your skill grows to professional, you can start your own business. Doesn’t it sound fun and promising?

8. Travelling

Who does’t like travelling that will give you so much fun and relaxing sensation. There are so many things to do with travelling. You can go travelling to forget about your busy days for a moment, vlogging, blogging, photography, finding ideas for your stories, meeting new people, learning new culture or places, and many other. You may also want to read tips to do cheap travelling in Russia.

Those are 9 hobbies to do with your Russian spouse that you can try.

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