6 Popular Christmas Gifts In Russia For Children

Christmas is a big day that must be welcomed by all Christians throughout the world. Christmas must be celebrated with various activities such as gathering with family, decorating Christmas trees, and exchanging gifts. All ages will exchange gifts with the people they care about. As an expression of love and happiness on Christmas day. Every […]

Most Popular Toys For Children Made in Russia

Russia is a country that have many tourist attractions. You can visit amazing places during winter in Russia. If you have ever visited Russia, especially Moscow, you will find souvenirs of dolls with beautiful and chubby pictures. Especially in the Old Arbat area, a Russian culinary and souvenir spot. Matryoshka is the name of this […]

9 Recommended items in Russia to buy if you have low budget

Going on vacation, usually, mean you need you to buy some souvenirs for your neighbors or relatives. It also true, especially if you go to Russia which has much diversity in their culture. Different culture and tradition mean different things they could produce as souvenirs, and with Russia, as one of the largest countries. It means […]

8 Popular Souvenirs of FIFA 2018 You Can Get in Russia

When it comes for football, there must be souvenirs to rise the spirit of spectators. It is also good for those coming from other countries to bring home some souvenirs from Russia because there are a lot. The first shop that opens in Russia is in Moscow. It is in Central Children’s Store or “Detskiy Mir” […]

4 Fascinating Souvenirs From Siberia

Souvenirs are one way to remind us of our travelling experience to certain places. While they are impressive to collect, they also can also act as a gift to give for loved ones. Siberia is identical with unrelenting cold and white snow. But when you look deeper through the area, there are small villages with local […]