8 Facts of International Men’s Day in Russia

Perhaps you have heard about International Men’s Day commemorated in the UK to shine a spotlight on men, especially men who make a positive difference. Not only that, it is also commemorated to raise awareness issues men face on some scale. Those include sensitive topics such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and the prevalence of […]

5 Stylish Russian Accessories for Men

Accessories do not look upon gender. They become significant to both men and women. Though, for men, choosing accessories could be exceptionally stressful. Because it is difficult to know just how good an investment any of those stylistic accoutrements might turn out to be. One more important reason for men to pay attention to their […]

3 Most Used Skin Care Of Russian Men

The importance of an appearance encourages the creation of various skin care products. In fact, almost all types of work are very concerned with appearance. From appearance, someone will respect you and judge that you value what you do. And the appearance is not only with good clothes, but also the skin and good attitude. […]

5 Stereotypes Of Russian Men You Should Know

Every other person must have their own point of view of others. It could be a positive or negative opinion. It could be that the opinion is based on experience, observations, and culture. However, not all opinions are true, and not all opinions are wrong either. It’s just a hunch or guess. And that’s what […]

6 Style Tricks You Must Copy From Russian Men

Every life style of Russian society is on a concern. As we have known before, the fashion style of Russian women is very attractive. Their style is the reference for many women in the world. Her beauty is the appearance that is always stunning at every opportunity. Likewise Russian men. Here we will discuss about 6 […]

7 Ways To Please Your Russian Husband When He’s in Bad Mood

Everyone at age 30 may have experience a bad mood. Your Russian husband is no exception. Sometimes, no one knows what cause him or her mad although there are so many reasons behind it. They are just mad at something and have bad mood. If this happens to your Russian husband, you can help him […]

How to Marry a Russian Man in Two Months

Getting a Russian man can be more difficult compare to getting a Russian woman or girl. This is due to the fact that there are more women than men. Women occupies 53.7% of the total population in Russia, while men occupies the rest. There are about 10.5 million more women than men. The decline in […]

4 etiquette of dating Russian men that you must know

After realizing the charms of Russian men (if you haven’t, read up Charming Appearance of Russian Boys), perhaps a relationship has formed between the two of you and you don’t know how to start. Relationship rules are affected by how someone is raised culturally and can differ from one to another. Those raised in Asian countries […]

How to make a Russian man fall in love with you

Perhaps you’ve realized the charm of Russian men, or maybe you’ve fallen for one. Now, you are planning ways to attract them and make them fall for you. What do Russian men like? Are there any guides on how to make a Russian man fall in love with you? Well, here it is! This article […]

6 things you must know about dating rules in Russia

Maybe after visiting Russia, you’ve been charmed by a Russian man or woman. Or perhaps, you’ve realized the charming appearance of Russian boys and Russian girls. Before diving in to the relationship, there are things you must know about dating rules in Russia. Dating scenes can differ depending on the culture of the country. That’s why, to avoid […]