7 Ways To Please Your Russian Husband When He’s in Bad Mood

Everyone at age 30 may have experience a bad mood. Your Russian husband is no exception. Sometimes, no one knows what cause him or her mad although there are so many reasons behind it. They are just mad at something and have bad mood.

If this happens to your Russian husband, you can help him feel better. Unless, you will see him being in that frustrating mood all day long. Then, you cannot have a moment of peace.

Here are 7 ways to please your Russian husband when he’s in bad mood.

1. It’s All About Him

Although it’s good for you, don’t say something like, “when you’re down, I’m down.” Because it makes him feel guilty. You cannot say something like, “come and hug me so you can feel better,” as well. Because it shows that you only think about yourself, not him. He is the one who is bad mood. So you must position yourself as helper, not the one who needs to be pleased. Otherwise, his mood will get worse.

2. Don’t Take It Personally

Although it’s hard not to think that you bear half responsibility of making him in the mood, don’t think that way. You may be responsible, but it is him who chooses to be in such a mood. Moreover, there is also a possibility that the cause of him being in the mood is out of your control. So, thinking that you are the one to blame, it is your fault or he is upset with you just makes things worse. Because you cannot please him better if you think you are to blame.

Instead of blaming yourself or thinking that he may upset with you, you can say to him that you are available to talk. It’s even better if you ask him what’s going on. If he is frequently in bad mood, you can ask him what he needs or what you can do to make your relationship out of negativity.

3. Do What He Wants

You may always hug him when he is in such condition. However, when he refuses your hug, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want you. Every problem has cause and every cause has its own solution. You cannot always solve every feeling he bears with hug. He also does not need hug whenever he feels that way. It does not mean that he does not want hug. Because hug cannot solve everything.

If he wants some space, give him some space. Don’t bother him with your physical encounter or questions. Just let him know that you are there, ready to help. He would appreciate it.

4. Talk to Him

If he doesn’t address his mood yet, ask him. You should note that you have to ask him gently and nicely. Because he probably has problem addressing it. Asking him what’s going on can show that you have empathy. You can start by saying something like, “I know you are in a bad mood.” Then, you can continue with, “I used to feel the same way, though.” This way, he will start to open up because he thinks that he is not alone.

5. Just Wait

The bad mood is probably just a simply case that does not occur quite often. If that’s the case, you just need to wait. Just be there, sit and do your things until he spills out his problems. If he does not say anything for a long time, you can ask him and just listen. When he stops, just give him some space and repeat again.

The point is that you should maintain your good mood. Don’t let his bad mood affect you and put you in the same mood. You don’t want to cure him while you are ill, right?

6. Treat Him Well

You should choose what kind of treatment that can help him out of the current situation. To do this, you should know whether he is angry or depressed. If he is angry, then you should probably give him some space. Always do that for the same situation. If it’s the latter, however, you can offer him some love. You can give him a massage or make him his favorite dish. If the situation is so big, you probably just need to sit near him to give an impression that you are there to listen. You may as well say, “I love you,” and show your happy face. You can also ask him to take a walk with you. Although taking a walk is not that big, it still can distract his thought from the feeling.

7. Remember Everything

Your Russian husband is just like any other normal people. Bad mood can visit him anytime. Thus, anytime the bad mood arrives, you should be ready with your way to help him. To do this, you should be able to analyze what makes him be in bad mood. Most men are in a bad mood whenever he is hungry. So, you can make him some dishes. Whatever cause him mad, make sure you remember the way to solve it.

Those are 7 ways to please your Russian husband when he’s in bad mood.

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