All About Kokoshnik Supertition You Should Know

Kokoshnik is a Russian traditional headdress worn by women. It is shaped like a crown, with many embroidery and jewel. Mostly, kokoshnik has a semicircular shape. The half-crescent shaped headpiece was a favorite among women throughout Russian history. It was especially popular among wealthy people. Kokoshnik comes in all size and shape. And there is […]

Quick Map History Lesson: What Makes Russia So Big?

Covering 171 million square kilometers of the Earth’s surface, Russia is the biggest country in the world in term of space. The lowest point of the country lies in the Caspian Sea at -28 meters and highest on Gora Elbrus at 5,633 meters. Taking a quick check at the world map, you will notice Russia […]

12 Surprising Facts of Irkutsk, Best Destination to Visit All Season

When you’re in Russia, it can never go wrong for you to explore all of the city there, including Irkutsk. People mostly visit St. Petersburg where there are a lot of recommended places in St. Petersburg for your lovely valentine’s day. There’s also Moscow, these two city might be the most famous place for tourist, […]

4 Facts You Should Know When You Decide to Join the Russian Army

Being a soldier or to join the military forces may not be a choice as common as being a lawyer, for example, or starting up a business. But, to some youths, to be in the army is like a dream. Something they have been building brick by brick since they were kids. Surely there are […]

6 Suprising Facts of Russian Students Day Being Called Tatiana Day

Suprising Facts of Russian Students Day Being Called Tatiana Day – Tatiana Day or in Russian called Татьянин день is a religious holiday in Russia. Tatiana Day falls on January 25 according to the Gregorian calendar and on the Julian calendar falls on January 12. Tatiana Day is a day for all students in Russia. […]

5 Amazing Facts of Thanksgiving in Russia

We have come to know that Thanksgiving is an opportunity to express our gratitude and stuff ourselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, and other party dishes, but the holiday’s history is a bit more involved than that. The history of Thanksgiving is one of spectacle, entrepreneurial spirit, economic recovery, and of course, feasting. These days, it […]

8 Facts of International Men’s Day in Russia

Perhaps you have heard about International Men’s Day commemorated in the UK to shine a spotlight on men, especially men who make a positive difference. Not only that, it is also commemorated to raise awareness issues men face on some scale. Those include sensitive topics such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and the prevalence of […]

4 Reasons of Why Some Russians Look Asian

The term Russian has a different meaning from what people think. If you are talking about ethnic Russians, then the answer is yes, they do look white. They do look European. But, if you travel more, you will find a lot of people who actually look more Asian. Russia has more than 190 ethnic groups, […]

6 Facts You Need to Know About Russian Drivers

Have you ever surfed through YouTube videos and watch how people drive in Russia? And some questions randomly pop out of your mind: Are Russian drivers sane? Do they still care for their lives? What is going on there? There are a lot of serious problems other than crazy drivers that need a fix, but […]

6 Facts of Traffic Situation in Russia (Must Know!)

First of all, you should know the most obvious fact that Russia is ridiculously huge! There are millions of people, be it the citizens, the visitors, and even the non-registered residents. Now, try to see things realistically, the closer you are to the center of the city, the more dense traffic becomes. To make it […]