7 Cons Of Dating A Russian Woman Every Man Should Know

In the dating life, there are stereotypes and there is prejudice. However, then you are in love, nothing really matters. Some people also said that love is blind. Maybe she is too good for you, or the other way around. Now, when it comes to dating a Russian woman, they have the most stereotype out […]

8 Iconic Food to Eat in Russia on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the special days of the year. New lovebirds anticipate this occasion, while longtime couples view it as an opportunity to rekindle that love which is starting to wear off. It’s an exciting day full of flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners. It’s also an occasion to spread your love to friends […]

8 Russian Personalized Gifts For A Lovely Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is getting closer. Have you prepared a sweet surprise for your loved ones? The day of love is an opportunity for us to do something special. Well, actually love can be expressed all the time throughout the year. But hey, people do need a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. We all need […]

In Love With Street Style? Here Are Fashionable Moscow Street Style

Moscow is one of the largest cities in Russia. It also became the capital city of the Russian government. Moscow is a city with a long history. Various aspects of life have been there. Technology, transportation, industry, are highly developed in Moscow. And so for fashion in Moscow. Here we will discuss how something like […]

4 Best and Free Russian Dating Sites (Love is in the Air)

There are a lot of dating sites out there. Those are the best place for you to get your love if you don’t want to go offline. However, there are only few dating sites for Russian people. Besides, there are fewer sites that are personalized for Russians. Actually, you can meet Russian people in any […]

5 Top Russian Dating Sites and Find Your Love

Are you looking for the right partner to spend your with with? Do you find it difficult to find the perfect one? Well, why don’t you try to use dating sites that Russia has? There are many Russian dating sites that you can use to find your love. You can select from the available bio […]

10 Personal Traits that Russian Woman Hate From Man (Must Avoid)

Sometimes when it comes to attracting people, we forget what we should do. Once we’re attracted to a beautiful lady, we forget what are the effective ways to get Russian girlfriend in a month. We’re drowned in love that we stop using our logic instead. This can be a huge mistake that you’re making while […]

8 Ideal Qualities of Man that Russian Woman Looking For (Top Secret)

Who wouldn’t love to capture a Russian woman’s heart and have her in your arms forever? Well, the idea of being loved by Russian woman does excite men in the worlds and make them dream for that. But, however, did you know that in order to get a woman you’ll need to at least match […]

How To Know That Russian Man Attracted In You

Every woman must have the type of man’s own dreams and different. But if it’s about every woman’s dream, maybe you can consider a Russian man, a ladies. Because it turns out, Russian men have many advantages. This is why you should go out with a Russian man. Russian men have ideal man-like traits in […]

5 etiquette of dating Russian women

Russian women are different from the American women we’ve known and seen in movies. In this competitive modern world, most women are focusing on their career and having a professional job, rather than having the traditional mindset of staying at home, be a traditional housewife, etc. Even in modern times, Russian women are raised to […]