4 etiquette to get acquainted with Russian people

Russians are very sincere and straightforward in their feelings. They do not smile at strangers for the sake of being polite. They believe that smiles should be genuine. That’s why you won’t see them walking down the street, smiling from side to side. These smiles are only shared with their friends and families. But on […]

3 etiquette to greet younger people in Russia

How you greet someone older than you and someone younger than you can be different. In certain Asian countries, age gap plays a huge role in determining your relationship. Those older will be treated with seniority and respect while those younger will be spoken to informally. Even the smallest difference in age (1 year) can […]

5 facts you should know about Russian greeting kiss

Each country has its own special kind of greeting. These greetings may also differ when it’s between friends, family, strangers, or even acquaintances. If you’ve been to Russia, have Russian friends, or just familiar with the Russian culture, you might know that Russians have their own way of greeting each other. These greetings can be […]

5 etiquette of dating Russian women

Russian women are different from the American women we’ve known and seen in movies. In this competitive modern world, most women are focusing on their career and having a professional job, rather than having the traditional mindset of staying at home, be a traditional housewife, etc. Even in modern times, Russian women are raised to […]

4 etiquette of dating Russian men that you must know

After realizing the charms of Russian men (if you haven’t, read up Charming Appearance of Russian Boys), perhaps a relationship has formed between the two of you and you don’t know how to start. Relationship rules are affected by how someone is raised culturally and can differ from one to another. Those raised in Asian countries […]

4 etiquette to greet older people in Russia

14.4% of Russians are elders over the age of 64. When visiting Russia, you are bound to meet those older than you. With cultural differences, you might be wondering if there are any proper etiquette to greet older people in Russia. In other countries such as Korea and Japan, age plays a huge role and […]

How to make a Russian woman fall in love with you

Russian women are known to be one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. Exuding endless charms, Russian women are not an easy catch. Especially if you’re not Russian or are not familiar with how Russians do things, you might be confused on how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you. […]

How to make a Russian man fall in love with you

Perhaps you’ve realized the charm of Russian men, or maybe you’ve fallen for one. Now, you are planning ways to attract them and make them fall for you. What do Russian men like? Are there any guides on how to make a Russian man fall in love with you? Well, here it is! This article […]

Russian handshake etiquette that important to know

Whether it’s formal or informal situations, you can find the act of handshake being performed everywhere in the world. For decades, centuries even, handshakes has been practiced to show mutual respect towards both parties. Handshakes can be used as a greeting or to finalize an agreement. How you shake someone’s hands can tell a lot […]

6 things you must know about dating rules in Russia

Maybe after visiting Russia, you’ve been charmed by a Russian man or woman. Or perhaps, you’ve realized the charming appearance of Russian boys and Russian girls. Before diving in to the relationship, there are things you must know about dating rules in Russia. Dating scenes can differ depending on the culture of the country. That’s why, to avoid […]