4 etiquette of dating Russian men that you must know

After realizing the charms of Russian men (if you haven’t, read up Charming Appearance of Russian Boys), perhaps a relationship has formed between the two of you and you don’t know how to start. Relationship rules are affected by how someone is raised culturally and can differ from one to another. Those raised in Asian countries may have more traditional relationship rules and groundly defined roles between each other.

Meanwhile, those in the western part of the world may be more independent and flexible regarding these things. What about Russia? What is the etiquette of dating Russian men ? This article will explore the general rules when it comes to a relationship with Russian men. There might be special cases, however, so do not use this article as the basis for everything. It is okay to ask the man involved directly, as well.

Below are the 4 etiquette of dating Russian men:

1. Be A Lady

In Russia, women are expected to act properly like a true lady. Russian men have been raised to act like an appropriate gentleman since they were young. That’s why, if they do things like offering to pay for the dinner on your dates, do not stop them or argue with them. By not letting them do what they are used to, you are making them uncomfortable and awkward. Women in Russia are expected to follow the lead of the men and be attractive. Men would be the ones suggesting and planning the whole thing, as well as taking care of his lady.

To emphasize this point further, women are expected not to smoke, swear, or do anything considered manly or rude. Feminimity is the main point that must be accentuated by women. Appearance wise, women are discouraged to dress like a man. A proper dress and lady-like attitude should be the most visible thing from them.

2. Communicate

In Russia, men cheating or lying are not as severe frowned upon as it is in other countries. Cheating is expected of men and are even seen as an honor, a sign that he is a proper man. Because women are expected to take things easy and accept what men does, it is something that is bound to happen in a relationship with a Russian man. If this is not something you can agree with, you should properly communicate with your partner. Men love it when women make things clear and frank. It would be wise if you tell him outright what you want and expect from the relationship so the both of you can work it.

If the relationship is to progress further into something even more serious, talks about family will come sooner or later. Children are a crucial part of the family and to be expected from a marriage with a Russian man. By communicating, misunderstandings can be avoided and the two of you can reach a better understanding with each other.

3. Traditional

As explained in the paragraph above, a serious relationship with Russian men will eventually lead to marriage with expectancy of children. In Russia, women are expected to take care of the household while Russian men become the breadwinners. As such, it is no surprise that women are to be good at doing simple chores and tasks starting from cooking to cleaning and taking care of children. Even from the dating stage of the relationship, men would want their women to do simple things like making them breakfast or helping them clean their messy place. These actions would be much appreciated by Russian men.

Other traditional values that women are expected to have are to be the passive one in relationship. Women are to wait for the men to make the move and give suggestions and advice (when it comes to taking the relationship to the next level). However, do not think this point contradicts with communication. You may still communicate and make clear what each of you want, but the action is to be taken by men.

4. Understand Cultural Differences

There will always be cultural differences that the both of you may not be used to. As seen from the points above, the general etiquette of dating Russian men is different from dating men of other countries. Women are not to talk about politics which considered a men-only topic. Drinking is also a common thing for Russians (many Russian men are alcoholics). Another common cultural difference is personal space. Russians tend to talk closely to each other which may seem to intimate for those not used to it. This will happen even in the early stages of relationship, so do not be surprised about it. Casual physical touches are something normal as well.

Those are the 4 etiquette of dating Russian men. Hopefully this article helped you gain a better understanding regarding the general rules for a relationship with Russian men. Other articles regarding relationships or etiquette that you may be interested in are: Effective Steps How To Date a Russian ManMain Reasons to Date A Russian ManThings You Must Know About Dating Rules in Russia. Meanwhile, cultural articles related to love are Culture of Valentine’s Day in Russia, and more.

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