In Love With Street Style? Here Are Fashionable Moscow Street Style

Moscow is one of the largest cities in Russia. It also became the capital city of the Russian government. Moscow is a city with a long history. Various aspects of life have been there. Technology, transportation, industry, are highly developed in Moscow. And so for fashion in Moscow. Here we will discuss how something like […]

St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try

St. Petersburg, when you visit Russia this city will be your concern. St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city. The city is full of exotic buildings with extraordinary architecture. And people know St. Petersburg as a Russian fashion city. People in this city is very fashionable. They always perform well. The way they express themselves […]

6 Style Tricks You Must Copy From Russian Men

Every life style of Russian society is on a concern. As we have known before, the fashion style of Russian women is very attractive. Their style is the reference for many women in the world. Her beauty is the appearance that is always stunning at every opportunity. Likewise Russian men. Here we will discuss about 6 […]

5 Style Secret You Should Adopt From Russian Women

Everyone acknowledges that Russian women are very beautiful. They look more prominent than other women. How to dress differently, clean skin, stylish and slim and perfect body. This is also the dream of all men. We will discuss 5 style secret you should adopt from Russian women. We can reveal that the secret of Russian […]

How to keep stylish like Russian women during winter time

People recognizes Russian woman with her dazzling beauty. Beautiful appearance, beautiful body and extraordinary personality. How their look be a reference for many women in the world. On the occasion, they always maintain their appearance including how to dress. Here we will discuss how to keep stylish like Russian women during winter time. As we […]

Fashion rule you should know when live in Russia

In your daily life, clothes you wear is very important . People give more attention for fashion. How people dress for certain occasions. Of course the goal is that you are not in wrong costume. In this following article we will discuss about Fashion rule you should know when live in Russia. Russian is one […]

8 Habits You Should Do When You Live in Russia

When you live in any country definitely you have to follow and respect the local culture. You have to know the habits of the local community. These should be followed respectfully. What country it is, you should do the habits you where live in. Here we talk about 8 habits you should do when you […]

7 Russian habits that you can adopt to your daily life

Of the various habits people in Russia, many things we can adopt.  We can apply in everyday life. Here there are 7 Russian habits that we can emulate. Their habits has been done for a long time, and has become a culture, of course this is a good Russian culture. Russia is a country that has […]

Here Are The Most Used Social Media in Russia

Here are we talk about the most used social media in Russia. Not different with the other countries, the Russian community is also a part of the netizens, in which every activity of the citizen can not be separated from social media. Russia with 146 million citizen is one of the largest market for social media […]

5 things Russian do to celebrate the incoming of FIFA world cup 2018 in Russia

The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia has just finished, the big event was held from June 14 to July 15, 2018, various victory parties have been celebrated and France became the world champion for the second. In spite of the fact that FIFA World Cup 2018 party has passed but there are still many […]