6 Style Tricks You Must Copy From Russian Men

russian men styleEvery life style of Russian society is on a concern. As we have known before, the fashion style of Russian women is very attractive. Their style is the reference for many women in the world. Her beauty is the appearance that is always stunning at every opportunity. Likewise Russian men. Here we will discuss about 6 style tricks you must copy from Russian men. We can follow the style of Russian men.

We are all knowing, from news and films about how a Russian man perform their style, some time they walked by wearing a coat or suit. They look elegant, look cool. Russian men have their own distinctive style, sometimes they wear clothes that make them look serious, but actually Russian men are very humble and friendly.

And from the style of dress of Russian men, it appears that they are tough men. For us to know, in Russia, a boy cannot cry. They must show courage. They must always look tough. And from the style of they are wearing, we can show this. They have a good dress style. Then, in fact what styles can we copy from them, the following are 6 styles of tricks you must copy from Russian men.

1. Wearing a leather coat

The most popular for Russian men is that they wear leather coats. This is indeed the style of the era of the 90s, but, it does not mean that this has been left behind. In this era there was indeed a stereotype attached to Russian men, they wore leather coat jackets, drank a lot and spoke harsh words. But there is a grievance that mentions Russian men who are merciful, hard-working, committed, loving families and reliable. So that stereotypes regarding the use of mantle are only a view, opening means wearing a leather coat behaving negatively.

So one of the things about the Russian style that we can copy is to wear a leather coat. But still with the good behavior we perform. It will make you look in tough.

2. Wearing sports clothes and casual clothes

Some of us would not have thought, that apparently sports clothing and casual clothing have the largest number of Sales in Russia. From the results of the research, the two garments accounted for 50% of the sales share of the total men’s clothing sold. This is indeed unexpected, where Russian men who are formal, apparently from statistical data show this. From several observations, Russian men today tend to use casual jeans and shirts without tie when they go to the office. Even though it turned out that when they arrived at the office they changed their clothes to formal work clothes. The tendency is for Russian men to store work clothes in the office, so that when they arrive at work, they change clothes.

From this trend, it becomes one of the Russian men’s styles today. They wear more casual clothes. Wear jeans and a shirt without a tie. With this appearance, it still makes the Russian man’s style very good. This slightly changes the stereotype that Russian men are formal men. Sometimes they give a casual image. If you want to try this, you can choose the appropriate casual clothes.

3. How about a sweater

If you want to try a simple dress method, you can copy this style. Russian men wear sweaters. For the way men dressed, they thought that the true Russian men didn’t bother about dressing. People regard this as indifference in dress, but actually this is not a form of carelessness. Russians are very caring for clothes. They have clothes even though they will always be washed and look neat for a long time. Although this is not an extraordinary style, they will look simple. And Russians love cleanliness. Like anything they wear, it will always be neat and clean.

If you live in Russia everyday, you can wear this simple choice, this will make you free and do activities outside the office. Because if you are in an office, of course you will wear more formal clothes.

4. Wear sports pants, boots with padded jackets

When you are in Russia, and want to tend to be energetic, you can copy this one style. Russian men under the age of 35 they tend to wear clothes in a sporty style. They wear sweatpants, boots. They also wear layered jackets. Usually they use these clothes when they are shopping, sandals with friends or other informal places .

Indeed, this does not appear to be very formal, but if it is used in a suitable situation it will look good. Russian young men will still look elegant with this sporty outfit. You can try it too. What needs to be considered from this appearance is, you must adjust the destination to which you will visit. If you go to an official event, of course it will not be appropriate. Wear a suit at the party

5. Formal suits and shoes for working in office

Russian style men this time is when they work in the office, Russian men will wear formal clothes and formal shoes. Russian men do not wear casual clothes while in the office. If they have to wear jeans, they use them on Fridays, or on certain days. Suit, wearing formal shoes, carrying a bag, this is what Russian men do while working in the office. This makes Russian men always look professional. They always respect their appearance and profession. Russians will also wear formal suits if they attend certain events.

So you can model what Russian men do when they work. Wearing a formal suit shows that we work earnestly and professionally. You try this, this will make you more elegant. You must choose a comfortable clothing material, because the activity in the office is quite long.

6. Please consider your hat in winter

We all know, cold weather in Russia can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius. Russian men also understand how to deal with this weather. They wear leather hats in winter. With the selection of the right model, this can also be a style. Although the current style tends to be simple, this will still give more value to the appearance of Russian men.

The above are the 6 style tricks you must copy from Russian men. Russian men have their own style in dress. Even in the past few decades, they tend to close themselves with foreign clothing models. And this is a good characteristic. Now as time goes by, they have adapted to the conditions that exist. And if you are interested in the style of Russian men, you can copy what they wear.

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