How to Marry a Russian Man in Two Months

Getting a Russian man can be more difficult compare to getting a Russian woman or girl. This is due to the fact that there are more women than men. Women occupies 53.7% of the total population in Russia, while men occupies the rest. There are about 10.5 million more women than men. The decline in number is due to the economic decrease during post-Soviet Russia. Thus, getting a Russian man can be a little bit tricky.

However, if you are a young woman, say 27 years old, you can easily get a Russian man. Wealthy old man, over 40 years old, like to marry young woman and that’s normal. Otherwise, you can also marry a young man and build your dream home together. This is how to marry a Russian man in two months.

1. Play Nice

When your man ask for sex in the first date, he might just want to have sex. So, the second date is the best time to make sure that he is into you, not your body. Then, after having sex you can start complimenting him. This can increase his love to you and an insurance that he will not forget you.

2. Be Open

Before deciding to marry him, make sure both of you open to each other. You should confess your value, priorities and commitment to have children or not. Russian man tends to be opened. Once you ask him to state everything, he will state everything you need to know. This is because they are mature and are straight to their priorities and are not liars. So, you can trust him. Then, you are ready for a marriage.

3. Decide Where You Will Register Your Relationship

Deciding either you will both live in Russia or your country is important because there is much time to prepare the documents and so on. If you had not decided it yet, there is a chance that your marriage will be delayed due to several problems with registry officers.

For example, if you want to live in Turkey, you probably needs months before the date of your marriage. A woman who has married a Turk experienced a bureaucratic circus prior to her marriage. The officers asked them to go here and there and urged her to pay more money. In a case she was suggested to change religion.

Meanwhile, it is a hole lot different with a Finland case. The document procedure only took less than a month to complete. However, they got to marry in church where the man was baptized. So, they went back to Russia and held the ceremony there.

4. Collecting Documents

There are several documents to prepare before marrying in Russia. The first and most important one is visa. There is no need to decide what visa to use as any visa will do. The point is just visa to get permission to enter Russia. The second is certificate of marital status. Each one should prepare this document to make sure that both are singles. Russia governments prohibit polyandry and polygamy exercise. However, if a foreigner used to marry and had been divorced or divorced, s/he needs 5to prove the divorce certificate or spouse’s death certificate.

Next, make sure you have registered all of your documents, especially visa. However, there are several countries that do not require a foreign citizen to authenticate their documents, like Baltic states, while some do. If you are not a citizen of the country that do not have such agreement with Russian government, then you should authenticate your documents. The easiest way to do this is to stay at a hotel because hotels usually take care of such registration. Then, you are ready to go to Russia and find a Russian notary to translate all of your documents into Russian language.

5. Registration

After all document preparations and authentications, now you are one way to go. You just need to go to registry office that work with foreigners. If you go to Moscow, the office name is Wedding Palace No. 4. There, you obtain a bank account and pay 350 rubles or equals to $5.5 for state duty.

When all documents are ready and you have obtained a payment receipt, you should go back to registry office. There, you fill a marriage application and choose a wedding day. For your information, the minimum waiting period is a month. If you submit the application in the summer, there is a tendency that you should wait a bit longer. So, it is advised that you submit the application in advance. Then, you are ready to go. Make sure that you have authenticated your marriage document before deciding to go out of Russia.

6. Wedding Preparation

Wedding preparation in Russia is a bit the same with other countries. You need to prepare your wedding dress and coat and everything. There are some places that rent such things along with the decor. You should also rent a limo and book a restaurant where you will hold the party. The two are the common things in Russia. If you are short in budget, you can replace limo with big car. The point of renting car is for transportation to go around the city to historical places and taking pictures after you are officially married.

Those are how to marry a Russian man in two months. You can also read wedding tradition in Russian orthodox church, bread and salt in Russian wedding, wedding in Russian style and etiquette of dating Russian men.

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