History of the Men’s Day in Russia

First things first, I would like to shed some light to you about the importance of knowing your country’s or other’s history.  When history is well learned, the perspective of the country and its civilization can be rediscovered. In most of the cases, the custom and culture of a country can only be learned by researching […]

5 Important Traditions During Defender of The Fatherland’s Day

What would come to your mind when you heard the word holiday? Most people would prefer to go shopping, partying, hanging out, and traveling. All those options would no doubt dominate the top of their list. The truth is, many holidays start to become so commercialized that our proud traditions are in the verge of […]

Get to Know the Meaning of Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia

Russia has been known for its soldiers’ courage and heroism and it has also been an integral part of greatness and fortitude of the state. Russia had two military saints with a day of their own, namely Saint George, patron of Russia’s Army, whose day was celebrated on December 9th and Saint Andrew, patron of […]

How Russian People Celebrate Defender of the Fatherland’s Day

It was originally known as Red Army Day, a celebration to mark the creation of the Soviet Army back in 1918.  The holiday endured several name changes throughout the years. The last one was given in 2002 when it officially became Russian public holiday. Even though the celebration has an obviously military origin, it is more […]

8 Facts of International Men’s Day in Russia

Perhaps you have heard about International Men’s Day commemorated in the UK to shine a spotlight on men, especially men who make a positive difference. Not only that, it is also commemorated to raise awareness issues men face on some scale. Those include sensitive topics such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and the prevalence of […]