Natural Russian Girls’ Skin Care that Must be Tried at Home

Who does not want to have beautiful and healthy skin? Everyone would want to have a type of skin that looks beautiful and also healthy. All kinds of ways to be done to make the skin look like it. Especially the women. Women and girls around the world are for the most part very concerned […]

How to Make Russian Kefir a Natural Skin Care?

Kefir is a common drink in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Germany, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Israel, the USA and Australia. Basically, the countries where dairy products are common and daily abundant. It is a sour-milk drink obtained from whole or skimmed cow’s milk that is fermented using kefir grain – […]

6 Brilliant Beauty Tips of Applying Vodka to Your Face

No, you don’t misread the title. Vodka, the popular alcohol beverage can help you achieve the dream of having perfect skin. But no, it doesn’t mean to achieve it by drunken in vodka. Applying vodka to your face is something uncommon but it really has surprising benefits. The very first vodka was made in Russia, […]

3 Most Used Skin Care Of Russian Men

The importance of an appearance encourages the creation of various skin care products. In fact, almost all types of work are very concerned with appearance. From appearance, someone will respect you and judge that you value what you do. And the appearance is not only with good clothes, but also the skin and good attitude. […]

5 Most Favourable Skin Care In Russia For Woman

Beauty is a very valuable asset for women. Beauty will certainly fade if it is not balanced with good care. And women are very aware that beauty cannot be maintained without special care. So that the demand for various skin care products is increasing from year to year. This demand certainly encourages entrepreneurs to create […]